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Jenny McCarthy Posts Transphobic Tweet

The world already has enough reasons to dislike Jenny McCarthy, but The View's newest co-host continues to provide even more. The latest involves a not-funny joke that has angered the trans community. 

In a recent tweet, Jenny wrote: 

Did Jennifer Lopez's boyfriend cheat with a transsexual model? I heard JLo gave him an ultimatum: "It's either me or her/him!"

Once a handful of followers began pointing out that Jenny's anachronistic punch line (or lack thereof) may have landed better during her MTV heyday in the '90s, she deleted the tweet. Still, don't expect any sort of Jonah Hill-level apology from someone who's paid to express their opinions to millions of people on a daily basis. 

(Via Salon)


Just wanted to add that McCarthy mentions her own giant "man hands" on the commentary track of the hilarious film DIRTY LOVE.  And, while her comments on The View may have been a bit irksome, I think she understands how it feels to be different.  People learn from their mistakes, I certainly have.  Let's save our bile for the people who really deserve it.  People like, talking Right-Wing masturbation device ANN COULTER.  

P.S.  LAVERNE COX is a Goddess.  : )  

McCarthy is a porn star. What do you expect!

Jack, I don't know any grannys trying to out rank gays! Now if you mean trannys, you might have a valid point. 

The tranny community has taken the gays' place as the whiniest bitches on the planet. The granny's out ranked the gays. Congratulations! Not an easy feat!

The View sucks!!!!

I am really growing tired of the over sensitivity... 

You need a healthy dose of self-respect if you're gay.

Are you that dumb?  It's not a real quote, she made it up....

I see your point Danny. I didn't know, as I stopped watching The View once it became a "celeb gossip" show. Like we another one of those. I think Twitter makes a LOT of people (celebs included) take their selves and their point of view too seriously. 

yeah just look what it did to Gwyneth Paltrow's reputation!!!! between the view the talk the real it looks like the only conversations women can contribute is celeb gossip!!!!!!!!!!

These mistakes of birth deserve NO respect, as they are truly birth mistakes and should be put down like dogs. They do NOTHING in a positive way of contribution to society.

I assume you mean the McCarthys.

go FUCK YOURSELF, ANONYMOUS!  Too chickenshit to post your real name.  you're a mistake, I know for a fact, cause I fucked your mama.

I thought we were a community that has come together as one.  Wow!!!  All this bickering back and forth reminds me of the little girls on the playground back in grade school.  If we are wanting to be taken seriously by the world around us, we need to focus on more important issues.  We live in a very exciting time.  I will be 50 this year and I never thought I would be living in a time when gay people are respected enough to be allowed to be married and form families of their own.  After all these years, gay people aren't "gay" people.  We are everyday PEOPLE with feelings and needs just like everyone else.  We don't need to go back in time with ugliness I am reading here.  United we stand, divided we fall.  And who cares what this/that celebrity says.  From what I've been reading here, it looks like many in our own community may need some serious sensitivity training in learning to deal with the real world.

Danny, she probably pays people (as many celebs do) to do her tweeting. No different than them paying people to write their jokes, music, etc.

i keep forgetting to mention this but i also disagree with this article saying the joke is not funny at all!!!!!!! i follow the philosophy 'nobody's better than anyone, it's fun to make fun of everybody!' i just disagree with the source of the joke, much better suited for a Joan Rivers or Chelsea Handler type! we shouldn't be SOO pc but at the same time think before we speak and remember our title/position

i see where you're coming from but i watch the view everyday (i wonder why a lot-it's gone from a woman's point of view show to another celebrity gossip, social media aimed show for moms/aunts/grannies who wanna be hip) and she regularly mentions 'oh i was on twitter last night asking people about so and so and they feel this way and that way'. she even has her 80'something year old father using it and she once told a story about how her son hacked her account. i'm sure plenty of celebs don't use their own accounts but i can tell Jenny takes great pleasure in social media and takes it way too seriously!!!

I don't think it's that bad considering how outspoken she's been about her LGBT support-the 2 things that bother me are...

1. she's a hilarious comedic actress but she should consider the fact that she's not a stand up comic like Joan Rivers, Kathy Griffin or Sarah Silverman who specifically make a living telling edgy jokes.

2. I love Jenny I do but from watching her on The View I think she spends WAAAAYYYY too much time on twitter!!!!!!!!! for the most part i'm fine with celebrities using it to communicate with fans or give behind the scenes peeks but every now and then but seriously you're a mother and 40+ don't you spend enough time discussing tabloid celebrity trash @ your job!!?? it's really not that fascinating!!! YOU'RE TURNING INTO SHERRI SHEPHERD!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm a gay male in Australia and I for one am sick and tired of the LGBT community complaining about every little thing.... we can't say this and we can't say that... politically correct please.... I take offence.... it all wears me down to the point that I JUST DON'T CARE... we should be focusing on the bigger issues like the youth suicides and anti gay bullying... and leave the who said what to the school girls..

I couldn't agree more !! I've said it before and I'll say it again, STFU about the little things and focus on the big stuff. The LAST thing we need is to have everyone sick of our bitching when something important comes up, and it will, soon enough. Remember, the Supreme Court might decide on this case by making every state have their own vote. Let's not lose something like that by whining about every. little. thing. that. is. said. 

Jeezus !!

OH MY GOD I COULDNT AGREE MORE. It's to the point where I am annoyed with my own group of people. Everyone needs to stop taking offense at every stupid little thing.


Frankly, the constant attempts by the tranny community to create conflict is getting annoying. Yes I said it... "tranny."

Transexuals, transgenders (or whatever the most delicate term is today) need to stop riding the coat tails of gay men and lesbians. Many gay and lesbians would just prefer to lop-off the "T" in LGBT. Gays and Lesbians are not confused over their gender identity, and the transgender community has a much different fight on their hands. It's not my fight, and it doesn't help gay and lesbians to be associated with it.  

Don't speak for all of us because of your lack of education on gender identity or support what ever it may be is your choice not ours I am gay and fully support anyone's gender identity because at the end of the day we are all human and the world has more variations than what w
e believe to be and it's beautiful....

You are an absolute dolt and echo similar sentiments as those who declare gays sexual deviants and abominations.

You do realize the trans community played a significant role in the Stonewall protests correct? Sylvia Rivera, a trans woman, launched the first beer bottle at police officers. A trans man was the first to actually land a punch on an officer. Marsha P. Johnson and Miss Major followed Rivera's footsteps--both trans women.

Stonewall acted as the catalyst for your beloved "equality" movement. Know your history, turd.

Furthermore, there is no "gender confusion" for trans individuals. We are well aware of our true identities at an early age. This is where you begin to sound like the homophobes--they also drop that same ignorant soundbite regarding trans individuals.

You're disgusting. Point blank.

The reality is, trans interests don't align with my interests or the issues that face many gay men and women. Don't speak to me and attempt to align with me as if we are a large homogeneous group, because we are not. I'm not interested in anything you are saying, and I didn't insult you or anyone personally. Except for now... So fuck you very much. 

You were insulting by using the word confused. You are wrong, as most international, national, state and local organizations that represent and advocate for the LGB, do the same for the T to some extent. Perhaps you should endeavor to represent your separatist sentiments as an individual, and not inaccurately seek to represent the interests and opinions of most gay men and women, a group to which I and many others belong, with and/or without you.

Okay fine. The the word "confused" can be replaced with "at odds with."


You are correct. Many organizations do cluster "T" in with "L" and "G." This is infuriating to many gay men and lesbian women who do not consider transgender issues to be the same. To bring up things like state funded gender reassignment or the idiotic debate over the word "tranny" using the gay and lesbian stage as your platform is an unhelpful distraction. Call it "ignorant" "intolerant" or "uneducated," the name calling is of no consequence. Most gay men and women are very clear regarding what's going on with the Trans community.  Which is the issue. 

Learn from the East, Third gender is legally legalized in India.  It's not a choice it's what one feels their inside is meant to be female or male.  Relax guts and Jenny's comment does have a negative connotation to it.  Thanks for reading!  

There the gays go, once again whining and crying about something a celebrity said. I don't find it offensive or insulting at all. And only mildly funny. 

Im confused and need some education. If "he" refers to a male and "she" refers to a female how do you refer to a transexual who has it all? Aside from "fabulous"? Im all for gender equality and LGBT rights so Id like to know the proper pronoun. I dont think what she said was mean, just a little cold. Whats the proper word?

You refer to them with the pronoun they prefer.  It's really that simple. 

how is that bad? this trans shit must end. its riduculous. she is exactly correct. if they have a dick and dress as a women then how arent they a she/he

You weren't just dropped on your head as a were thrown at the bleeping wall.

Miked leave your mother out of this.

Just laughed out loud...

They still need ratings to stay at the top of the heap. If people slow down watching it makes a difference. this really what our community has stooped too... Next thing you'll here is a young teen gets jumped cause he said, at home, among his straight friends, "that's so gay!"

@aghouston Your non-paralell, nonsensical analogy falls flat. Not flat because it doesn't make sense, but because smart-assery is best delivered with attention to spelling and detail. I sea stupid when people spell hear wrong, and to too.

OH Mary Puhleeze,

     How is that transphobic, she's quoting someone, take two trannyqualizers and call me in the morning.


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