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Jenny McCarthy & Sherri Shepherd Talk 'The View' Exits Live On-Air

Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy addressed their exits from The View on-air on Monday in the show's first live episode since their exits were announced to the press. 

Deadline reports:

“Seven in the Bible is the number of God’s completion. And I’ve been here seven years and my time at The View is complete,” Shepherd told viewers at the top of The View broadcast this morning — the show’s first original episode since Shepherd announced she was leaving, and Jenny McCarthy said “Me too!” — or words to that effect.

Shepherd said she had “exciting news” — and would announce it at some point in the future, on the show.

The Giant Neon Pink Gorilla — as Whoopi Goldberg named it, was addressed at the beginning of the show. McCarthy jumped in with word that the reports of the two exits was rumor only and not true. Roars from the studio crowd. “Actually, it’s true – but I love the support!” McCarthy simpered, then added, “After much consideration, I’ve taken a new job that will allow me to do what I do best, which is talk without having to interrupt anyone” — which she too said she would unveil at that Future Point.

McCarthy encouraged fans to tune in to her next venture--"even if it does compete with The View."

Is that a hint Jenny?

And for her part, Sherri says she's known that she was making her exit from the chat fest since the spring, but stayed mum because she “didn’t want to do anything to distract from Barbara Walters and her retirement in May.”

Did you catch The View this morning? Thoughts on Jenny and Sherri's exit and the new direction of The View?


The formula of the show, "The View," ran it's course years ago. Once fresh, news stories, gossip, politicians and celebrities, it just becomes banal and repetitive. 

I don't think Barbara liked what Jenny brought to the show as she wasn't as funny or controversial as she though that Jenny would be. 

Sherri is kinda boring and not very controversial either and I think she has just been there too long and it's time for her to go!

I would love to see them bring back Rosie and someone like Hasslebeck so Rosie and them could bitch fight as that was entertaining as the show just hasn't been the same since Behar and Hasslebeck left the show as well as Barbara!


well put-for majority of the season Jenny only really contributed to discussions regarding celebrity gossip/pop culture or sex/relationships. they nearly abandoned politics in order to adjust the show to her.

Sherri has turned into Star Jones circa 2004-2006 with the weight loss, marriage, and new projects outside The View as well as with viewers turning on her.

the problem is that they're hungry for ratings and feel the need to put 'celebrities' in particular comedians on the panel--when the show debuted it was well rounded with journalists, an attorney, ONE COMEDIAN-who were all generally unknown at the time and became famous thru the show-thus it was all about the conversations. now they keep adding people known for a million other things (Rosie, Whoopi, Jenny) and it just doesn't feel as special.

I think Jenny is using the fact that Sherry isn't coming back next season as her way to depart I don't think she liked the show as much once she began co hosting day to day But I will miss them both but its good to get new host and I am glad Whoopi is staying

I have been done with this show for years....not entertaining at all....just one big bitch session.....they did nothing to help women in tv....i still love barbara though, but give me the talk with julie chen anyday over this mess

Then you're here commenting on this page because.....?

i have been done with this show for a veryyyy long time but if there is one person i am glad to see do the cat walk out of there is that Shepherd...

So you mean you don't watch it?  So how do you know how good or bad it is?

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