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Jeremy Irvine Lands The Lead In Roland Emmerich's 'Stonewall'

Stonewall, director Roland Emmerich's feature film detailing the Stonewall riots has found its leading man! 

Deadline reports:

War Horse star Jeremy Irvine has been set to star in Stonewall, the next film that Roland Emmerich will direct. Scripted by Jon Robin Baitz, the film is about the June 28, 1969 police raid at the Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village, a mafia-owned bar that was a gathering place for gays and transgenders. It became the flashpoint for the gay rights movement, a galvanizing event that is considered a touchstone even today in the fight for equal rights for the gay and transgender population. Emmerich’s way in is to focus on a young man’s political awakening in the backdrop of those riots.

We're certainly looking forward to Jeremy's appearance.


I know he's hot, but can you stop having straight guys play gay rolls, because they always act homophobic to make people think they are straight, and that FUCKING PISSES ME OFF !

I think your comment is way off 10 examples to back up your claim. Bet you can't. There are plenty of straight men playing gay roles and they are proud to do so.....Eric McCormak as Will and Robin Williams in Birdcage.....Eric Stonestreet in modern Family...I can go on. Now your turn.

isn't this a remake?

There is a "Stonewall" movie, but it's a documentary.

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