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Jesse Metcalfe & Josh Henderson Oil Up In Steamy 'Dallas' Ads

If this is what they're serving up in Dallas we may have to make a move! 

TNT's Dallas has released these steamy promo shots of their smoking hot stars Jesse Metcalfe and Josh Henderson. 

​We wouldn't mind getting oiled up with these two!

And we still haven't forgotten that Josh blessed us with this on Instagram:

Yep. We're definitely going to have to make that move. 


(H/T: Wicked Gay Blog)



One wonders who'd be tapping for more than oil with Josh :)

Yah.... a gay actor on Dallas.  Way 2 Go, Josh.

Oh josh has always been my favorite. Am I the only one who thinks he may be hiding in his giant walk in closet? He just seems to have some tendencies and then that photo with his ass out....if thats not a gay pose I dont know what is.

Metcalfe always used to be my favorite out of those two but after seeing Henderson's Instagram I think I've changed my mind:)

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