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Jesse Tyler Ferguson's 'Tie The Knot' Marriage Equality Organization 'Scrutinized' By IRS

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has been under fire as of late due to revelations that certain groups, particularly right wing conservative groups (we're looking at you Tea Party!), were being targeted and scrutinized at a higher level than other groups based on their political affiliation.

Well it appears that they're not the only ones getting the IRS's attention. 

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Modern Family star Jesse Tyler Ferguson's marriage equality non-profit organization, Tie The Knot, has also faced heightened scrutiny.

THR writes:

A group founded by Modern Family star Jesse Tyler Ferguson and his fiancé Justin Mikita to support marriage equality was among those targeted for special scrutiny by the Internal Revenue Service, according to newly released IRS documents.

The ongoing scandal over allegations of politically motivated probes by agents in the IRS’ Cincinnati office has dogged President Barack Obama’s administration in recent weeks, but thus far has been portrayed by Congressional Republicans as a scandal involving only conservative groups, mostly affiliated with the Tea Party. Tuesday’s release of documents, however, suggests that the scrutiny extended to other groups claiming a tax exemption as so-called 501(c)(4) social welfare organizations.


The tax collection agency has admitted that such groups “unfortunately experienced inappropriate delays and over-expansive information requests in some cases.”

Ferguson and Mikita’s group is called Tie the Knot and raises funds to support same-sex marriage by selling designer bow ties over the Internet. It was launched in September 2011, and ultimately received a tax exemption last January, according to the IRS.


We wonder if Ferguson and other pro-LGBT organizations that faced special scrutiny will make the same noise as the poor persecuted Tea Party groups. 

Somehow we doubt it. 


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