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Jesus Silently Challenges Anti-Gay Protesters At AIDS Walk Los Angeles

Jesus showed up this weekend at AIDS Walk Los Angeles to spread a message of love as anti-gay protesters showcased their message of hate. 

Jesus (in the form of Los Angeles impersonator and pseudo-legend Kevin Lee Light) made a powerful statement without saying a word. 

He later joined the AIDS Walk carrying the red balloons in solidarity with the other walkers.

What do you think of his (His?) silent statement, Instincters?


Image Credit: Brody Brown (H/T: Queerty)


Us Christians should never show hatred. We need to show love here


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I think it looked more like he was supporting them in their action than protesting them.

What is your interpretation of the balloons? I'm wondering if I've missed a meme, here...

red is to AIDS what pink is to breast cancer

What wsd he saying?

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