Jillian Michaels Overreacted To Daughter Saying Gay People Are "Gross"


Celebrity fitness trainer Jillian Michaels states during a new sit down with People Magazine's "Celeb Parents Get Real" series that while many people assume the biggest parenting struggles involve late nights or dirty diapers, the unexpected moments of deep self-reflection are the times that really get you.

The out star and her partner Heidi Rhoades have two adorable children, but one of them - their daughter Lukensia - caught Michaels off guard by saying something not-so-cute. When asked by People about one parenting moment that she would redo, Michaels responded:

One evening, when my daughter was maybe 6, she said to me that she thought gay people were gross, or gay was gross. And I freaked out. 

When people talk about parenting being hard, I don’t find that it’s ‘all the sleepless nights’ or the poopy diapers. It’s these kinds of moments that bring you face to face with all of your deep, dark issues, where you don’t handle it well. And I really wish I had handled it differently in the moment.

And that's when you call the orphanage and go back to being duel income, no kids. JK. Michaels doesn't elaborate on what exactly a "freak out" entails, but it's understandable that she would be overwhelmed with emotion considering all of the love and support she has given daughter. 

Kids do, in fact, say the darnest things, and it's more than likely that Lukensia picked up her negative gay comment from another kid. Or the president. J...K? Parenting sounds hard ya'll! What would you do if your kids said that gay people were "gross?" For me it would either be a heartfelt teachable moment, or, ya, the orphanage. 

You can check out the entire interview HERE