Jimmy Kimmel Finally Responds To Gay Joke Backlash, But Is It Enough? And Do We Care?


If you blinked over the past week then you might have missed a rapid-fire back and forth between late night standup comedian Jimmy Kimmel and conservative talk show host Sean Hannity that landed Kimmel in hot water for what some are calling out as homophobic comments. This entire exchange is true insanity, so I hope you're bracing yourself with either a cup of coffee or a stiff drink. Or, feel free to just click away now while you're ahead. I just wrote about Justin Bieber's hot bod. Read that instead. 

According to TooFab, Hannity took offense to a joke Kimmel made regarding Melania Trump's accent on Monday. As the risky and fresh angle of poking fun at Melania's accent has never been attempted before, Kimmel was sure to draw criticism, but Hannity took things further by dredging up Kimmel's #MeToo-adjacent "The Man Show" past. Hannity pointed to a skit on the series (which ended in 2004) during which Kimmel made women grab his crotch and describe his privates. Um, ew. 

Kimmel retorted that the skit was performed purely for comedic reasons (although, again, ew) and further escalated the exchange by insinuating that Hannity engages in gay sex with Donald Trump. His tweet stated:

Don't worry - just keep tweeting - you'll get back on top! (or does Trump prefer you on bottom?) Either way, keep your chin up big fella..XO


As I wrote about earlier today in a post that you should probably be reading instead of this hot mess, I firmly believe that if the entire punchline of a joke is that it's gay, it's homophobic. However, we also need to pick and choose our battles, and in this scenario, Kimmel doesn't seem like public enemy number one. Although to the women on "The Man Show" he was certainly pubic enemy number one.

The Gay Internet erupted in response to Kimmel's post, and after radio silence on Saturday regarding those specific remarks, he released this kind of apology on Sunday:


Apologizing to "those who took offense" isn't so much actually apologizing as it is accusing others of overreacting. However, again, Kimmel doesn't seem like a real threat. Unless, of course, you were a female participant on "The Man Show."

I don't really know what the take away is today. Straight men shouldn't be left unsupervised on social media? Twitter is bringing the world closer together? If you were afraid that the fun was over, just know that Hannity promises to continue the feud this evening. Stay tuned. Or, maybe even better in this instance, just tune out.