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Joan And Melissa Rivers Will Switch Places With Bristol Palin On 'Celebrity Wife Swap'

What fresh Hell is this?! 

ABC's Celebrity Wife Swap is premiering on June 23 and Joan and Melissa Rivers will open up the season by switching places with Bristol Palin!

The Hollywood Reporter writes:

During the episode, Joan and Melissa Rivers will be entrusted with Bristol's son, Tripp, who rules the Palin household, and tasked with bringing structure to the energetic 4-year-old. 

Meanwhile, Bristol Palin will be thrown into the Rivers' hectic world of entertainment, where she'll have to navigate their demanding schedule and fill in as executive producer of Fashion Police, as well as entertaining at formal dinner parties and caring for Melissa's 12-year-old son, Cooper.


The fact that they're letting Bristol within 500 yards of Fashion're asking too much of us, Joan. 

We've also got a few misgivings about unleashing Joan on 4-year-old Tripp, but we're pretty sure he's seen worse. 

Will you be checking out Celebrity Wife Swap, Instincters? (Also, are any of these women even wives??)


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Sighs, the bigot whore Bristol Failin will do anything to put off getting a real job. I would rather watch a snail cross a football field that watch that trash.

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