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Joan Rivers Defends CNN Interview Walk Out

Joan Rivers stormed out of an interview with CNN's Fredricka Whitfield this weekend and now she's defending that decision.

“The CNN interviewer was a news reporter and not an entertainment reporter,” Rivers told TheWrap. “She did not seem to understand we were talking about a comedy book and not the transcripts from the Nuremburg Trial. Every question was an accusatory one designed to put me on the defensive.”

Watch the tempestuous interview here

Do you agree with Joan?


Go Joan

HA HA!! That stupid, uneducated nigger interviewer got what she deserved. This interviewer was not worthy of interviewing ANY celebrity.

Joan has a 30million new york apartment and other properties paid for, with millions of liquid to spare as well. She is clearly doing something correct with her life, as it was not inherited.

Joan wouldn't appreciate this comment.  She isn't a bigoted white trash asshole like you are.  

There was nothing to do with race until you used that word. Don't deflect the point of the question.

Ugly, racist comment.  Joan Rivers is an old, arrogant, very tired fag-hag, that has made those millions putting down the entire world. Her humor is CRUEL and IRREVERENT.  I don't care for her.

Why do you have to call her that, keep you self destructive hate to yourself. 

Nigger or not, she was unprofessional. And please stop saying nigger. We gays fight against discrimination but that's just being racist. Thanks

I  love Joan, however; she wasn't ready for the interview, Rivers really thought it was going to be an interview done by whoever planned out her PR tour for this book. The reporter did what a reporter does; spoke about a new book, went over the comediennes life, opinions,antics and postures especially about PETA. Ironically Joan had a nervous breakdown on air and she walked out. The Fashion Police could not handle the heat and " A bitch stole her look"...

If I read Joan's book, I may laugh or not.

If I see that interview, the way it was conducted, I will not learn anything, I will not be informed of anything. Its is just for the sake of ratings.  Disgusted with CNN.  If you do not like Joan, do not invite her !

Joan is a dried up old hack is was never that funny, just a mean bitch!  She can go ahead and crawl back into her grave. 

I agree! She was there to talk about a book or something in the book. The reporter had another thing on her mind. Joan Rocks!

She's a dumb bitch

Well, she has a point. But to walk out of a live interview, now that's rude, and unprofessional. Would Bob Hope, Jerry Seinfeld or Ellen Degeneres have walked off?

Yes, they would. If you have an icon in front of you to an interview you have try to make your best to have an exclusive information. And not embarrassing your guest in front of the camera. How many stories she could told if the anchor was not played the unprofessional bitch

I agree with Joan also. The interview was pushing her.

I agree with Joan whole heartedly

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