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Joan Rivers In Stable Condition After Suffering Cardiac Arrest

Joan Rivers gave the world a scare Thursday morning when she was rushed to a hospital in Manhattan after experiencing cardiac arrest. Joan was undergoing a throat procedure around 10 a.m. when, according to reports, she stopped breathing. 

The NYPD reports that after arriving at Mt. Sinai Joan's heart stopped beating briefly, plunging the iconic comedian into critical condition. By Thursday afternoon, however, Joan, 81, returned to stable condition. She's now recovering at Mt. Sinai. 

"Her family wants to thank everybody for their outpouring of love and support. We will provide an update on her condition as it becomes available ” Sid Dinsay, a spokesman for Mount Sinai, said in a statement.


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<p>She is a comedian .</p>

<p>She is 81 yeas old. Sometimes she get it right,&nbsp; other times she get it very wrong.</p>

<p>She does however have the guts&nbsp; ( she would say &quot;Balls&quot;)&nbsp; to voice her opinions or&nbsp; make a joke,&nbsp; even if she is not politically incorrect.</p>

<p>Other times, she is clearly just joking or just insensitive.</p>

<p>We have the freedom and intellectual capacity to either listen, and take on bored what she says,&nbsp; or to ignore her.</p>

<p>Perhaps like we should&nbsp; ignore the crap that is spewed from the mouths of our real politicians&nbsp; in life who are fare more dangerous with their words.</p>

<p>She is a entertainer,&nbsp; not a source of the daily news and political comment.</p>

<p>Love her or Hate her,&nbsp; I for one am happy that she will be around to entertain for a little longer.</p>

<p>Wishing Joan Rivers a speedy recovery.</p>

She recently said the Palestinians deserve to be dead....Its a pity she didn't die just like the innocent Palestinians. 

Giving the world a scare? How bloody presumptuous. 

Iam praying for a quick recover we all love Joan.

I think it may be pushing it to say she gave the world a scare.  Though that picture is pretty frightening...

I didn't know getting spayed & neutered was THAT dangerous.


Why rude? She deserves it.

Oh please. Joan would love that comment. 

Well you should know. 

My best wishes for health an recovery for this great woman, we love and admire you.

May all the joy you bring to our lives, be now in your body to help in your healing.

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