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Joe Biden Tweets Super Supportive Message for Danica Roem

It has been an incredible week politically for the LGBT community, in particular for Danica Roem,  become the first openly Transgendered State Legislator ever.  She will be representing the state of Virginia in this triumphant victory.

Since the news was announced that she won over her religious and anti-LGBT incumbent opponent Bob Marshall, there have been floods of supportive and congratulatory messages sent her way.  One in particular happened to be our former Vice President and all around good guy... Joe Biden.

The photo seen above shows what happened after Danica received a congratulatory call from Vice President Biden, where she appears to be overcome with emotion.  And rightfully so!

Joe followed up on that incredible image, by tweeting out, "You’re going to make us all proud, Danica."

Keep fighting the good fight, Joe, and congratulations once again to Danica on her incredible victory!