Joe Biden Wants LGBT To "Hold President Trump Accountable"

Former Vice President Joe Biden encouraged the LGBT community to push back and hold President Donald Trump accountable for his campaign pledge to support the LGBT community. Biden noted that transgender Americans are "under attack" in Republican-led states. 

From The Associated Press:

"Hold President Trump accountable for his pledge to be your friend," Biden declared at a private LGBT gala hosted by the Democratic National Committee in New York. "Just because you don't have Barack and me in the White House doesn't mean it's time to give up, keep quiet, stay on the sidelines."


While Biden avoided lashing out at Trump directly, he condemned the president's political party and homophobic regimes around the world that promote policies such as "corrective rape" and "conversion therapy" on gay people.

"Transgender Americans are under attack from state legislatures from North Carolina to Texas," Biden added, citing legislation "targeting young people, kids who are just trying to attend school."