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Is Joe Jonas Your Uber Driver?

​Don't we know you from somewhere?

Fear not, Angelenos, you're not (or weren't) going crazy. (Ex?) Jonas Brother, Joe Jonas may, in fact, have been your Uber-Ex driver as you made your way through the city.

We just wish we'd known so we could have put in a personal request!

Check out this teaser video of Joe Jonas as your personal chauffeur in Your Next Driver:

Joe's new show, Your Next Driver, captures the middle Jo-Bro tooling around town as an Uber-Ex driver in his Mini Paceman. (Should we assume they paid for the product placement??)

A source from Uber told E! News back in January: 

“Joe is officially a driver on the uberX platform, which is our low-cost, eco-friendly vehicle type. He went through all the onboarding, and went through the system to be verified as a driver on the platform. He’s gotten high ratings. He’s a great driver.”

We genuinely hope he's still doing this. And if not, maybe there will be a season two?? We'll take Uber-Ex at all times!!


(H/T: Homorazzi)