John Mayer's "Kylo Ren Challenge" Had Heads Turning


My name is John Mayer, I'm forty-years-young, and I challenge you to pull your gigantic pants up to just below your nips while deliberating the forces between good and evil! At least that's how I think the wordage will go once singing/songwriting sensation John Mayer's new "Kylo Ren Challenge" catches on, which it seems to be in the process of doing! Mayer took to Instagram to post this hilarious photo recreating the sure-to-be iconic shirtless scene In Star Wars: The Last Jedi that features Adam Driver's Kylo Ren shirtless.

I have to admit that when I saw Last Jedi, even though I knew the beyond buff Driver's greased up shirtless bod would be making an appearance, I was still taken aback by the scene. His body... so shiny. His pecs... so huge. His pants... so high. The scene obviously left an impression on Mayer as well, and now we wait to see who else joins in on the #kylorenchallenge fun! Oh, and by the way, not to detract from the seriousness of the challenge, but is Mayer looking all kinds of fine recently?  




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