John Oliver Endorses RuPaul For President

Can we get an amen?

Upon his return to television, John Oliver got right down to business.

During the season four premiere of Last Week Tonight, he remarked:

“The notion that our leaders should be able to pass on mistruths with impunity should be alarming to absolutely everybody, regardless of politics,” he said. “Republicans should badly want our sense of objective reality to remain intact, just in case the Democrats ever find their own appealing reality star to win back the White House. RuPaul, for instance. Make America fierce again. #MakeAmericaFierceAgain.”

Naturally, it didn't take long for #MakeAmericaFierceAgain to explode, on Twitter:

RuPaul? Shantay, you stay!

Donald Trump? Sashay away!


H/T: Queerty