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Johnny Weir Announces Retirement From Figure Skating

U.S. figure skater Johnny Weir announced his retirement from competitive skating today on the Today Show. The former Olympian will take on a job as an Olympic correspondent for NBC and will travel Sochi, Russia for the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Watch his announcement:

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Johnny also  released a statement, saying:

"It is surreal writing about my career as if it had happened to someone else and to actually write the words, 'I am retiring from competitive figure skating,' Weir said in a statement to Us Weekly. "I have cried my way through writing this entire column not because I am sad, or that I'll miss training or falling or being so nervous I thought my head would explode, or starving or the glory of victory or the agony of defeat, I cry because of the memories that have shaped my life."

"At twenty-nine, it is odd to explain to the average Joe that I am retiring. While my retirement surely isn't a shock to the skating world, I have been able to become a sort of face for my sport to people who rarely watch it, and I always quickly follow up the statement of 'I'm retiring from competition' with the truth that I will continue to skate and perform as long as my body will allow me and that I pass my presence in the competitive ranks on to some genius upstart, the youth that keeps the Olympics and sports alive," he explained. "While I am not old, part of being a champion is knowing when your time is up."

"Seventeen years ago, it's hard to say exactly how, but I knew my life would have some magic, and I have figure skating to thank for that," he said in his statement. "I wish for everyone in this world to have even one moment of finding their bliss and chasing after it at all costs and I pray that you are lucky enough to even have two of those moments, because they are fleeting and sometimes unappreciated."

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Ugghhhh.....It's about time and hopefully he will go to Russia and get arrested  and we won't have to see or hear from him for a while and when he returns he will be more humble.

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