Johnny Weir: Don't Fight Russia, Fight The Law

Out Olympian Johnny Weir is again attempting to put the focus of the international human rights community's ire on Russia's anti-gay laws, rather than on the country itself. This time Johnny took his campaign to MSNBC where Thomas Roberts asked for an update on the figure skater's opinion of the saga. 

“In Russia it’s difficult to go against the government and do something that is against the rules,” Johnny said. “But people in the United States right now are focused so much on attacking Russia and they’re kind of losing the point of attacking this law as opposed to attacking Russia as a nation. For me as an athlete and somebody who has trained and lived and performed and loved Russia for so long, it’s heart breaking that my community is being so suppressed inside a country I love so much that I could be suppressed in a country I love so much and that this Olympics, this thing that we train every single day for, bleed, blood, sweat and tears, It could end in disaster for people like me that could be arrested simply for wearing the wrong costume.”

Openly gay Olympian Megan Rapinoe also joined in on the conversation. 

“I hope everybody is rallying around this," she said. "I think it’s easy to focus on Russia as well as focusing on Russia we need to focus on the people it’s really affecting. I have a feeling that it’s not going to be the athletes that are the most affected by this law but the months leading up to the Russian games, and the months after the Russian games — what is the lgbt community subject to? To focus on that and I think lean in on Russia and put pressure on them to get rid of these laws which are absolutely inhumane.”