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Johnny Weir & Husband Head To Court Over Domestic Biting Incident

​Former Olympic figure skater (and Sochi commentating sensation) Johnny Weir and his husband Victor Voronov put up a united front in a New Jersey court on Tuesday as the couple asked that charges that Weir bit his husband in an alleged domestic dispute be dismissed.

Radar Online reports:

About a month before the games in Russia, Weir’s husband, Victor Voronov, filed a police report in which he alleged the three-time U.S. national champion of biting him, a source revealed.

Despite the allegations, the couple appeared to have worked out their differences: Radar was in a Lyndhurst, New Jersey, courtroom on Tuesday morning, where the pair put on a united front and requested the Lyndhurst Municipal Court judge to dismiss the case.

Sitting next to each other, Voronov put his hand on Weir’s knee and whispered into his ear before the case begun.

When Weir approached the bench in an unusually subdued black ensemble, the judge took note of Weir’s impeccable style and apparent celebrity status, remarking: “Nice hairdo!”

Without stating any specifics about the case and charges, the judge asked if the “victim” was present and ordered Voronov to approach the bench.

Voronov asked the judge to dismiss the case – and the dismissal was granted.

When Radar approached Weir — who starred in his Sochi coverage for NBC — outside the courthouse, he said: “It is a private matter I do not wish to discuss.”

It appears the matter is settled (and that Weir arrived dressed to impress). Let's keep the biting to a healthy nibble, guys!


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Precisely why I have been 100% againsy 'marriage', a religious bunch of hoo-ha since the beginning. Civil Partnerships with th esame rights for all, straight/gay could have accomplished the same things, without a global anti-gay backlash, and idiots like this making parodies of a lot of good people. That boy is NOT his "husband" that is a heterosexual term. The whole thing sickens me. Enjoy the sh*tshow coming your way, and a permanent second class status, minstrels.

Victor Voronov can do so much better than Johnny Weir.

Thanks Johnny Weir. Thanks for making us look like hair pulling, scratching, BITING...QUEENS!

i love this story and cant wait for divorce court on tv with the lesbians fighting over the trucks and the gays over the decorator pillows. CANT WAIT!

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