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Johnny Weir & Husband Victor Voronov Reconcile

Everyone rejoice!(??) Former Olympic figure skater Johnny Weir has announced that he and his estranged husband Victor Voronov have reunited. Weir tweeted on Tuesday:

These crazy kids! Think they'll work it out this time?


Johnny is a total embarrassment to the community unless circus side shows are your flavor

"Please respect our privacy and integrity at this time." translates to "paid interviews only"

respecting your privacy is one thing....but after the interviews Victor gave............integrity?  Really?

I fear for Johnny's life.  Victor wants fame.  If Johnny leaves again Victor might do something.  Victor already has a criminal record.

this is it exactly that's gonna make gay marriage look the gay community a favor and stay away keep away from everythingthey are a disgrace to our lifestyle. Publicity comes to mind.

Didn't he do a full recorded video on their break up? Now he wants privacy? Puuuuleeez. Didn't he say in that interview he knows that it's over this time and how hurt he was. NEVER go back... it never works.

oh eeek.

Respect your privacy? Respect mine and stop being such a horrible gay stereotype queen on absolutely everything... The Olympics, a little sense. the Kentucky Derby wearing a corset and bonnet... you're an embarrassment. Now, after the fighting, the biting, the law suits... now YOU want privacy? You can have it.... skate away. 

Who really cares? Jeez. Being married to that shrieking shrew, weir, must be agony .

i won't say shit in here cause then i get JUMPED by everyone :-) :-) and i am only 5'5" and can't fight 

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