Johnny Weir Won't Tone Himself Down At The Olympics (But Pledges Not To Make Any Kind Of A Statement))

Updated 3:45 p.m. pst

In the moments after Queerty published its interview with Johnny Weir, U.S. Figure Skating announced that the openly gay athlete will not be competing in the Sochi Winter Games.

The AP reports:

U.S. Figure Skating confirmed Tuesday that Weir did not register for the qualifiers for the national championships, where the Olympic team will be selected. The deadline to register was Sept. 1.

Weir also is not eligible for a bye into nationals, which begin Jan. 9 in Boston. According to U.S. Figure Skating, only skaters who placed in the top five at last year's nationals, or won medals at the most recent Olympics or world championships, are eligible.


In a new interview with Queerty, controversial gay Olympian Johnny Weir reiterated his opposition to any kind of boycott of Russia (whether it's Olympics or vodka) while promising to not tone down his flamboyant style for the largest stage in sports when it takes over Sochi. 

But don't expect any rainbow colors or outright verbal statements in support of LGBT rights if Johnny heads to Russia in early 2014, however.

"If I’m lucky enough to qualify for the Olympics, I will bring the usual Johnny Weir," he tells Queerty. "I’m not going to tone myself down, but I won’t go over the top to make a statement. My statement, whether people feel it’s enough or not, is being there. The fact that I can be proud, strong and an Olympian? That’s a huge statement. And the Olympics are a thing I’ve worked my whole life for, and they’re something I respect so much. For people to really understand all that goes into the Olympics, you have to live it. Which is why I understand the criticisms I get from a lot of the gay press and a lot of the gay people in this country. But at the same time, I understand what it takes to be an Olympian and a gay man and to do it at the same time. It’s an incredible gift. But you have to respect both sides."

What do you think of the latest from Johnny, who insists on not ruffling any feathers as Russia's war on its gay citizens rages on? 

(Image: Racked)