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Johnny Weir's Husband Victor Voronov Opens Up On Divorce

​Johnny Weir's soon to be ex-husband Victor Voronov is breaking his silence on their upcoming divorce in an exclusive interview with Inside Edition.

Here's a clip:

From HuffPo:  

In a new interview with Inside Edition set to air April 28, Voronov says he feels "betrayed, heartbroken [and] shocked" after officially separating from Weir last month.

“I was blinded by fear," he tells Inside Edition's Diane McInerney. Though he calls Weir's behavior "unforgivable" and "morally irrepressible," he adds, "That doesn’t take away from the fact that I love him.”

Drama! What do you think of Voronov's statements, Instincters? His full interview airs on Inside Edition on April 28.


(H/T: HuffPo)


Victor Voronov is so full of BS.  First of all, he isn't "breaking his silence" or "opening up" because he and his people have been blabbing to TMZ and Radar Online for weeks. Most of it has been utter lies, of course, as is this interview.  Which I assume he only got because his "legal crisis manager" Wendy Feldman (who spent time in prison for investment fraud so I don't know why anyone would hire her for managing their legal crises) has ties to Inside Edition.  The funny part is how he is taking the things Johnny Weir said in his ONE interview weeks ago and flinging it all back at him.  He can't even lie creatively.

Anyway the truth about Victor Voronov is that he has an arrest record going back 10 years. He has several DUIs, he's been accused of investment fraud, and in 2009 he was arrested for battery (against his own mother no less), false imprisonment and obstructing a 911 call. He weaseled out of jail time for that by agreeing to a stint in rehab.  There are details here: .  In the comments are links to the court records and screen shots.

In short this is not a man who is going to be quivering in fear about anything. He's a known con artist with a history of substance abuse and violence. His current swindling of Johnny Weir is just more of the same.

I agree the only way you're going to be able to keep Johnny interested is if you go to bed with a camera so focused on him continuously he is the type of person that if the camera is not all always on him he's not going to be happy he has yet to believe that the camera is not real he is always showing off for his fans he has not learned yet to cherish the quiet times Intel he does he will never be happy.

Love is a complex emotion and until you are in a situation where you have been hurt by someone you love dearly, or who you hurt that you love dearly, it is incomprehensible.  The closest I can offer as a comparison is my coming out to the woman who had been my wife for four years and my closest friend for seven years.  It didn't help that she said she always knew (then why did our relationship evolve into one of marriage) even though I was not willing to accept it myself.  I felt I hurt her and took away the person she loved.  Years later I can look back and know that I didn't take that person away nearly as much as she shut me out entirely and the loss has become hers.  I loved her and somewhere inside still do love her.  I could not, however, do something to anyone like Johnny did to Victor.  I do understand why Victor says he still loves Johnny and always will.  To the original question, what do I think of Victor's statements?  I side with him entirely.  Johnny can go piss around a pretzel and watch the salt dissolve.  Victor, it's time to move on with you life so the person who really loves you unconditionally can find you.  From my own experience, he's out there... I have been with my husband now for nearly fourteen years - and each day is better than the last.

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