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Jonathan Groff Reveals Celeb Crush He Wants To Hook Up w/ On 'Looking'

There's one sexy male star that Jonathan Groff would love to have play his paramour on Looking and we've gotta say, Jonathan has good taste!

E! Online's Marc Malkin writes:

HBO has yet to decide on a second season, but if there is one, Groff would love a certain singer-songwriter to play his love interest.

"Frank Ocean," he says when I ask about his dream guest star. "Frank Ocean is the first one that comes to my head. He's completely like my celeb crush. He's amazing."

After our interview at a Looking panel I moderated, executive producer Sarah Condon revealed that they actually did approach Ocean about being on the show, but he wasn't available because he was touring. "I didn't know that!" Groff said.

​ ​

While we'd love to see Frank Ocean on Looking (and potentially on Mr. Groff), we think Jonathan should be less greedy! He's already got Raúl Castillo and presumably Russell Tovey to play with. Leave something for the rest of us!


Frank Ocean?? Really?? Well everyone has their own taste!!

I doubt you look or could do any better.

I get how Looking is trying to go about this -- I find it to be well-written, quite human, and in a lot of ways, very real and believable.  And therein lies the problem:  it's too "daily real" to be all that interesting.  Sex and The City is the closest HBO analogue we can look at, and regardless of how you feel about gin-soaked harpies talking about their shoes, at least the writing was SHARP.  If I wanted slice of life to the extent that Looking offers I'd just go outside and go about my day in one of the gayborhoods in my city. 

DISGUSTING! He's a ni**er lover? Guess I shouldn't expect anything better from a jew. How pathetic, having a "crush" on a monkey.

You are such a gross asshole, please turn straight we don't need your kind in our community. Is your mother and father brother and sister? cause that would explain why your brain is small.

Are you retarded? He's not a jew, and N*GG*R lover? What is this 1955 Mississippi? Were you raised in a barn?

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LOL Best comment ever.  Have a great time living in the past buddy!

Seriously? Grow up, get a life and crawl out from behind that computer screen. Pathetic.

he is the only reason to watch this show.....and the show sucks but i try to endure it just to watch seriously is so bad I keep wondering what they are thinking as the write and film it. worst thing ever on HBO.

I disagree 100%.  Love this show more than any gay show we've ever had.  So true to life.

What about "Queer as Folk"? Best gay series ever on HBO

I nominate David Burtka!

Jonathan is no longer with Zach Quinto. They broke up a while ago...

I'm sure his boyfriend Zach Quinto was happy about this question. 

Didn't they break up months ago ?

Well Groff is going to have to wait until his next project because this garbage isn't going to get another season.

It's already been picked up for season 2.

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