Jonathan Groff Talks His "Anal Cover" On 'Looking'

Looking star Jonathan Groff had everyone's attention during a visit to the Variety Studio when he opened up about the "anal cover" he's had to wear during some of Looking's more intimate scenes.

Take a look:

Gah! Why'd they cut him off?

This video would have been worthwhile for Keegan-Michael Key's reaction alone!


(H/T: Towleroad)


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I'm at Lancaster, Pennsylvania, & I worked with Jon Groff in his first few musical-theatre productions. I'm very proud of his progress, both personal & professional!

If you know him, can you tell him to stop sticking his tongue in his lower cheek when he's making his "thinking" face?

i guess I'd be proud too if I saw a friend become this successful. Not long ago, he was on stage doing local theater, and now, here he is, being interviewed in Variety, talking about "dick socks and anal covers" and how challenging it is to act like a slut in front of a camera.

I never get tired of hearing Hollywood actors talk about how "challenging" their work is. Like it's so difficult to dress up and play make believe.  As if it's not a job that just about anyone can do. He's a pretty man though, I will say that.

Contrary to popular belief, acting is actually hard work and not something just anyone can do. Is it the hardest job in the world, no, not even close. But to assume that just anyone can jump on screen and be believable is foolish to say the least. Add to that the long hours, research and years of rejection just to get a break and it becomes a real feat.

I say all this as someone who has done it and even had a show on TV for a brief while. All that said, there are much tougher jobs in the world.

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