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Jonny McGovern Premieres 'Whoa Dude!', The Hilariously Homoerotic Clip Series

Comedian Jonny McGovern, AKA "The Gay Pimp," is giving us his own decidedly gay spin on the Tosh.O and The Soup style series with his new web series, Whoa Dude!

Basically he's compiling all of the intentionally and unintentionally hilarious homoerotic clips that he can find on the internet and bringing them to us for our viewing pleasure!

Episode 1 doesn't disappoint! Check it out (but keep in mind that some of it may be NSFW):

Thanks, Gay Pimp!


(H/T: Accidental Bear)



I teach college and most dudes just look underage as hell until about 24. I don't think these guys are underage, just underdeveloped.

What Mike Aaron said (1/29/14).  Few things piss me off more than seeing my own kind dance on the line between pedophilia and healthy sexuality. 

Waste of time

Umm... most of those guys look underage! Not cool :(

Interesting.  Although, I've always found Johnny McGovern to be a bit on the creepy side so him doing the creeper bit wasn't that far of a stretch for him.

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