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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Explains Why He Doesn't Go Nude In "Don Jon"

Deflating news to report today, Instincters: despite our Santeria shrine and emails to Oprah, a super buff Joseph Gordon-Levitt will not be nude in the upcoming Don Jon, even though he plays a porn addict and filmed lots of sex scenes with co-star Scarlett Johansson. 

Apparently, going naked would not have jibed with the film. 

"It would just be distracting," JGL said when asked why he was crushing our dreams. "This is not a movie of brutal realism; it’s a comedy and it’s a story. It’s sort of a parable, so there would really be no reason to have any nudity."

Naked JGL or not, we still plan to check out his directorial debut (in IMAX, please!) when it hits theaters September 27. Will you?

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BFD... it's not like you've never seen a dick before.


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