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Josey Greenwell Goes Back in the Closet to be "Straight" Country Singer

  Josey Greenwell was in the closet as a rising country singer. Then came out and got dropped from his label. You may have even seen him play gay pride events. He dated (and did a shirtless beach photo shoot with) A-List New York cast member Rodiney Santiago. But now, Josey Greenwell has rebranded himself as straight country singer Nate Green.

According to WeHo Confidential, about six months ago Josey deleted all his social media profiles and Wikipedia page. Now he's back as Nate Green, denying he's gay, and deleting all gay questions and comments from his shiny new hetero profiles and pages.

What do you think? Is this a sellout? A betrayal of the community? An artist just trying to make a living? Or is it just...sad?




I'm pretty sure he committed suicide. 

He has the right to do whatever he wants to do. It's his life, and his journey. And if there are consequences to his decision to do this, let him own that. It's not us for us to say or judge.

i think its sad that a music label will drop an artist for being gay. but i dont think that we should judge him for what he is doing. sometimes people put their dream before themselfs and that might be what hes doing, but he might be straight. there are lots of people that go from liking guys to liking girls, i know some, and if this is the case then let him figure out is own path. whether hes gay and going back in the closet, or going back to being straight dont judge him. we are always trying to teach our youth not to judge people because we dont understand them so lets not do that to him.

I think we shud be prowd of who we are and stand up for what we beleave in 1thing is shoore i love countrey and i wont buy one of his cd's neither one with a trac of him on it ill Rather suport STEVE GRAND!!! That sed screw everyone i am who i am and im gona make it no matter what

LMFAO!   Hey folks...Looks like Willem is a retarded fag!

Poor fella...has your brain been so badly damaged by STD's that you babble on like this (guess it fucks up your spelling too, huh?).

Just calm the fuck down, little retarded faggot!  Ask Mommy to bring you a glass of warm milk & some cookies to the basement!

LOL @ "I think we shud be proud..."  and "stand up for what we beleave in 1thing is shoore i love countrey"

It'd be so much fun responding to this thing, but I'll let Willem do it for herself. She's so much better at reading than I.

Proof Positive that the gay disease CAN be cured.  This Josey guy (whoever the fuck he is), prayed to be cleansed of this illusion of "gayness".

Just like scraping that burnt piece of toast, he was able to successfully remove the impurity and become an accepted member of society.

Go with God, Nate Green!

Fat lot you'd know about it; you haven't even dealt with your own latent faggotry yet, closet fag.

-Sister Unity, a big orange fag.

Fuck it! I would go Back in the closet For him.

What hell did I just read!!!! If we follow the Bible word by word, you would be hung and unless your wife married you when she was still a virgin she would HAVE to be beheaded or stoned to death and that goes for your daughters too,

That's such bullshit.

Why in the hell is Instinct allowing the above hateful trash to remain in this thread?  Come on Instinct remove the bigot from this article.

Hey there, Robin Gaygor!

It's called "Freedom of Speech"....Deal with it, FAGGOT!

He's here for our fun and entertainment. Instinct may be giving him to us so we get to practice dissecting creatures unable to acknowledge their own same sex attractions, as with this specimen.









Anti-Gay Song/Video -" Livin Outside Of God's Word" - by Surrender

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Oh, I'm sorry, I wasn't aware that anybody gave you the authority to judge anybody.  When did God start hiring?  

If you're straight then why are you on a gay page haha closeted fagg.

The answer to your question is actually quite simple, Sid.

In order to crush and destroy the putrid and disgusting fags, I must go where they are.

i.e. If I wanted Thai food, I sure as hell wouldn't go to a Chinese take out place...Capiche?

Gays are evil and must be destroyed...for the sake of the children...for the sake of ALL humanity.

Soooooo..... According to your metaphor, you are here on a gay site because you want to eat gay men like food. You want gay so you come to gay. Well you should definitely get what you want.

also from your post, you are the love child of Loki and the Hulk.

to make one statement. In the beginning God created Adam and eve and from them they gave birth to two sons Cain and Abel. Raised their children. As it reads in the Bible Adam and eve are the first people on earth. Cain and Abel are the third and fourth person. On in the Bible it states Adam sent his two sons out into the world to procreate. Ok that's fine. WITH WHO? They are the only four people on earth. If they are procreating the only one available is eve their mom. So know you bible before you speak. Also it states in the Bible, a woman who should look to another man in lustful eyes or thoughts is to be stoned to death. Ye who is without sin cast the first stone. The only person to judge or make judgement on another soul is God himself. Now stick that in your pipe and smoke it. Start using that filter called a brain before you speak next time hey.

There's no proof that Adam and Eve were the only two people on earth. They were just the only two people written about. 

You give Christians a terrible reputation when you talk this bullshit of yours. I didn't choose to be gay, no more than you chose to be straight. I bet the reason you are SOOOOOOO angry is because you are a very sad closet case, desperate to come out as gay. But you can't. You're scared and pathetic. And you are jealous that someone like myself can enjoy my life to the fullest, loving whoever I want with the full support of all my family and friends. PS. go eat some more shellfish, breeder.

Ok I see, Fishisbrown.

You're one of of the 50% of fags who are delusional enough to think that you were born as a queer.

The truth is that you MAY have been molested as a child by your Priest, or maybe a father, uncle or queer cousin.

OR that you had/have serious trouble forming a relationship with the OPPOSITE sex and see homosexuality as a easy way out.

Personally, I have always enjoyed the company of females and like a skilled fisherman with the right bait...I can reel them in when I need to  :)

Gays are evil and must be destroyed.

I enjoy the company of women too. They are called fag hags and lesbians. Women around you don't prove anything. I don't think your a closet homo but I do think you need to get a grip on reality.

What you preach as "fact" and "belief" are nothing more then your opinions you refuse to accept are nothing but hatred toward your fellow man. Your bible is nothing more then a way for others to control you. Saddest part of all is you let them brain wash you and turn you into their pawn.

It's sick people like you that have sex with sheep because you "woman" isn't man enough for you.

No, no, he's a closet homo, Honey. He's definitely a closet homo. You only hate in others what you cannot accept in yourself. It's how God made hate work.

Oh you poor really doth protest too much.....ENTIRELY too much.  

I feel like a heal for having to tell you, but... Western religion is a contruct designed to control the masses and clearly you are a sheep (maybe a lamb? lol). But for reelz, you should find peace in yourself, not in the external world.

Why do you read gay articles anyway if you are in fact, not gay? It's ok, just let it go and be your true self girl, not this pathetic piece of trash you're portraying. You're better than that! 

But to round out where I started... There is also no Santa Clause, no unicorns, no leprechauns, or tooth fairy... 

Sad that u will as well burn in hell for the judgement you so disrespectfulyl take from God. 

Are you serious. We are all human and maybe you actually have questions about your sexuality. We all have the right to love who we want and we can't help who we fall in love with. 

Do you seriously think you are getting into heaven, spewing hate like that? You're more like an Osama Bin Laden than any kind of Christian. Jesus Christ was love, never hate. No matter who the person was, He always taught love, even if you don't agree with them.
It always amazes me how bigoted idiots like this Destroyer person (clever name by the way..yah...) spout off things like that and claim they are quoting Scripture. I was raised in church, and I humbly suggest that you actually READ the Bible. Jesus never says anything about homosexuality. Those who claim its an abomination are relying on passages in the Old Testament, where it also says you are to stone to death a rebellious child, and "if thine eye offends thee, pluck it out", yet I don't see many bigots walking around who have stoned their teenage sons or daughters, or poked out their own eyeballs. You can't cherry-pick passages to justify your own hate. .....--Just sayin'....)

He doesn't look like he's going to be sad any time soon, lol. He did white bisexuals Neil Patrick Harris, his friend, Zachary Quinto, Ricki Martin, George Michael, etc. one better by being honest.

Well considering he dated a guy who was on the A-list, his choices don't surprise me. They are all attention whores, who date attention whores.
That being said, this lil attention whore is just doing what she knows. Get attention by any means necessary.
I applaud her sticking to her guns to make that paper. She just won't be making it from all of us.
And who knows, maybe she's goin this to flip it later on and kiss a guy at the CMA's... Only time will tell.

I thought to write a comment... Well... it's just sad to hear things like this.
The gay community accepted him as Mr. Josey Greenwell/Greenwood, and as an icon for the rising community, I think he should live up to the that one. If wants to have a legacy, he already has one, as Josey; no need for Nate Green. He said he was proud, and I was hurt when I saw this news. I followed him and became a fan, because not only of his career, but also his dignity as a proud gay country singer. Where is that now? I love him, I really do, and I love his story; how he came up a name for himself as Josey. It breaks my heart to see Nate Green, and no longer see him as Josey. I wish him back to the community. At least produce an interview from him; let's hear what he has to say. 'Cause i still have my faith on him, and i wish from the community to ha:-) :-) :-) ve too from him.

I love you Josey! I don't know who Nate is. I only see you!!!

I wanna second an earlier comment. This article is woefully lacking. Other reports such as the one that actually did the background research to confirm WeHo's accusations, have a lot more meat.

He is ashamed of being gay, as he should be. GOOD FOR HIM!!

I am sure he got sick of all the smelly, dirty assholes around his cock, as well as the miserable gay lifestyle.

You gays are KNOWN for being utterly MISERABLE!!







Ive lived with my partner for 30 years....we have traveled all over the world and now travel the US in our 40 ft motorhome. Ive never been happier. So much for your theory, huh?

Everyone Anonymous does this all the's to get attention and a rise out of people..........juzgarlo como loco - judge him as crazy and let it go......

Your understanding of gay sex is equivalent to schoolboys who think vaginas have teeth. Your understanding of their emotional state (as a group, no less!) makes me think you're so deep in the closet you're using moth balls as anal beads.

ohhh that is amazing, just that last line, can i get that on a tshirt please ? 

Dear Anonymous (coward), I doubt that he got any dirty ass around his cock, because he was a def 'bottom'. And as far as the miserable thing goes. The only miserable gays are the ones that aren't honest with themselves or their in the closet still or their still full of all of that self-loathing from all of the religious indoctrination bullshit, like you!

Dear Anonymous.


P.S.: You're the typical pussy coward, to spew your hate and dumbassary, through the internet!!

Karma's going to KICK YOUR ASS!!!!


^^^HAHAHAHAHAHAHA (breath) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA  (sip of water) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (sorry, just have to answer a text) HAHAHAHAHAHA....

^^well you sound like you're deeply in the closet my friend. Are you sure you are not queer yourself? haha just because one doesn't identify as Gay/Lesbian it doesn't mean people don't have samesex desires... 

I did an image search on Bing of Josey Greenwell and all the pictures that came up seem rather plastic. Maybe the images are a reflection of what's inside. If they are, then it is no surprise if he tried to erase his past just like that. I am just glad I am not famous and most likely never will be. From where I stand, it seems to me that such careers come at a huge cost sometimes. All flowers eventually wilt. The time when they blossom and smell nice is very brief. Ash to ashes, dust to dust. To forget this or to pretend otherwise is arrogance. We all know how karma deals with arrogance.

Sad.. It won't work. People still know who u are. Questions won't stop. 

Just like when Quinn Jaxon in the early years tried changing his name when he did video for randy blue or in some of his countless nude photos he had his tattoos and scar air brushed out as well as cut his hair. I'm hopes people wouldn't recognize it is him. Hello people. This isn't 1990 it doesn't take even take an hour for something to travel around the world and be heard/seen by billions of people 

Betrayal of 'the community'? What community? People with similar sexual preferences do not make a community. What the guy does with his personal life and his career is his business. If you dislike him, don't buy his records or go to his shows, but please, stop this crap about 'betrayal' and 'community'!

Finally, some common sense!!!  thank you! 

How did he think he wouldn't get found out with this re-brand? I thought it strange when I couldn't find his you tube videos he'd done.  I figured he must of retired (sort of something even more dramatic like a death. Which I'm sure there would've been a mention somewhere).  I bet he wasn't getting any traction to get his career to the next level and felt this was the best way.  Ultimately his talent will matter more but he also has to be honest to who he is and if he doesn't want a part of his life out there (i.e. his sexuality) he shouldn't have come out to begin with. 

Dare I say if he doesn't sort this out (whether he's gay or straight) his new career will be over if it isn't already.  

This man is big crap and LIAR!!!  

He did not work the trick of pretending to be homosexual, and decided better stop pretending, and become heterosexual,  because homosexual male cannot have body defined.

I always knew and  We should never trust him. 

I think you have been given too much credit to this boy, and I really, against this kind of news, I consider myself a skeptic. 

Let points: 

1.-If he really was gay as he allegedly had stated at the time, I think that giving a heterosexual image, far from being a step forward, is the opposite: a step back. At the moment, no one believes him. 

2. Now, if the guy is really heterosexual, yes that worked pretend to be gay, because then what? Perhaps you will say who underwent psychotherapy to stop being homosexual and heterosexual already? Because that no one believes it. 

Really, I could even say that the trick will not work to pretend to be gay because you no longer redituaba both assumed to be heterosexual-like what is-for that now, his career rebounded. 

In my view, came to the conclusion that this guy does not really know what you want, it is logical that will be at most about 19 or 20 years old maximum, and that age kids do not know what they want. 

Regarding the statement "no matter who you go to bed," I think it does not apply  in this case, why? Because it does not play with sexuality and feelings. I would tell him to stop at this point: O ARE MEN? Or ARE WOMEN? DEFINED BUT HE, HE DECIDE ONCE! INSURANCE AND SAY WHAT, WHY IS NOT GAY PUBLIC MOCK, AND I THINK THAT IS A DISRESPECT TO SAY NOW IS STRAIGHT BECAUSE WE ARE PLAYING WHAT THEN?FUCK! 

Much of his fame was won by public LGBTTTI, who fed him now that if the record companies and producers are a bunch of magnates, backward, illiterate, technocratic, neoliberal and scoundrels who tried him for his sexual orientation and they did not support him, it's not our fault.

And even, I propose the following measure for all LGBTTTI group, and all media aimed at gay sector 

BOYCOTT! Josey Greenwell (Nate Green). 

We need to vet this unscrupulous pseudo artist. 

From now on, no means of electronic or printed communication dares to give him the news. 

Moreover, we delete all posts and pictures have been made with HIM. 

This character must be considered as a person "non grata" for homosexuals. 



I just send him love in hopes that it fixes whatever is broken within him.

Please! He will not do it, He will not wake up.

Please!! React!!!

I think he needs to be truthful to the Mirror...1st & foremost.

Has he done any 'harm' to anyone ?...Hard to say...his believe-ability factor is now ZERO...

It's his the way that works best for himself...

I/We surely have bigger battles out there...imo.

Hindsight is 20/20 and all that, but if he'd just stayed out of the closet and done an independent Kickstarter like Steve Grand did, he would've been fine. He's certainly cute enough.

Unless his shiny new label was counting on people finding out, and they're hoping the controversy will generate sales?

The Country Music industry makes me sick and the fact that he had to do this to live his dream saddens me, but whatever it takes, people fake it all the time to get what they want in this world and I don't blame him at all and if he can fool those fools who wouldn't except him as he really is well, good for him!

Yuck Yuck this is very bad to pretend that you are now STRAIGHT after you came out, just so that you can get a contract. WHO DOES HE THINK GOING TO BUY HIS STUPIDITY  LOL LOL.This is so RIDICULOUS, at the same time this can be a party for the HATEFUL, ANGRY, BIGOTS out there. They will say you see I know this is something that you choose it does not come naturally etc. SUPPRESSING your true , natural feelings in order to please certain people definitely can make you VERY MISERABLE  on the inside , I feel bad for me.


I'm sad and sorry that he feels he has to lie to everyone and deny who his true self really is.. something that he should NOT and does NOT need to do!

I thinkhe aren't small mindeMaybe next timenhe will think twice about hurting innocent animals.dt only lying to himself but to the public too. There are lables out there who you are or what your sexual preference is. You don't have to closet yourself, just move cautiously in the public eye

Sad that he's willing to deny who he is, like does he think there's a backspace button on life, sorry boo boo, anyway you spell it, you're GAY!!

Maybe his label dropped him because he wasn't selling records!  I never heard of him before.  Does he have talent?


Contemporary Country music is shit.  This is really sad and nauseating. 

He's already getting post on his "Nate Green" page calling him a fraud.  You'd think that people would realize that once you're know on the Internet you can't just become someone else.....what an idiot.....

He's not fooling anyone because once you go cack you never go back

Oh, you mean, "nuttin' butt crack"? It sure seems that way.


How is anyone going to believe him now? He can't get rid of all the pics and articles about him being openly gay. Maybe it's because his record label dropped him but really--he couldn't find another label to pick him up? There are plenty of openly gay musicians out there with contracts on labels. This just isn't going to work. He's selling out and it's very sad.

Is he not following his Instinct? 

No, just the money all the way to the bank

I think its bullshit. Wtf should it matter what he does on his own time. This world is fucked up. Its the talent that matters not their sexual preference. I think he is just "showing them their truth" but it does make him look like a sell out.

What's bullshit is that he feels like rebranding himself like a product.  He's a person...a gay person and he was shamed into going back into the closet.  

Whatever. ... washed up has been doing Celebrity Rehab in 4 years... is my prediction. Or busted in a public mens room like George Michael.

I always knew been straight was choice...lmfao (sarcasm)

Just ignore him. Be is gay with very short legs.  Used to fool around at David Barton gym Miami. 

Well,... hello.. look at Sam Smith?!! He's out, proud and successful. It's the talent counts not the sexual preferences!


Wow Instinct, way to put absolutely no effort into a story for the sake of a quick headline. Here are some better sources for the curious:

How is what you posted any different then what Instinct posted?  The links are all saying the say thing just using different words to say he went back into the closet.????

just plain sad!!  not honest with himself then who will trust him or even listen to his music? if he is that ashamed of his past then his only lie is to himself! and shame on him! I can hear it now, Straight country singer caught with cowboy on the saddle singing his gay away!

Denial is a horrible thing. He'll figure it out eventually. Then again, it's his life and his sexuality. I for one don't feel qualified to judge him and his choices. Everyone has their way of dealing with coming out. I would hate to think that he's doing all this because his label dropped him. If that is the case, then he's doing it for all the wrong reasons. I'm indifferent. I just hope that he is happy in the choices he makes.

Exactly how does he expect this to work? Its a bit late to go back into the closet after you pose with your boyfriend.

He should have held out to find a label who would be happy with his sexuality. I think its terrible a label can drop you based on sexuality in the first place. He needs to be true to who he is or he may have a career but be so unhappy and alone :(

The internet never forgets.

All too true for Josey/Nate.  Unfortunately for him, adding "Queen of Denial" to his list of "titles" does not bode well for the future.  Ever notice how guys made "popular" by females in that demographic rarely if every amount to much?   Of course, there are exceptions, in the cases of young men with so MUCH talent they cannot be ignored (& Justin Bieber I am NOT talking about you), but they are, again, the exception & not the rule.  Too bad he chose the shorter career path.  I very much doubt that his flash in the pan will last long.  Teenage girls grow up fast ., . . & gay men have much longer memories. 

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