Josh Hartnett's Hot Man-On-Man Kiss On 'Penny Dreadful'

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The promise of Josh Hartnett's bare bum already had us tuning to Showtime's Penny Dreadful--and now we've got Josh's Ethan Chandler participating in surprise man-on-man action with Dorian Gray (Reeve Carney)?!

This may be our new favorite show. Click on the GIFs below!!


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I think both Reeve Carney and Josh Hartnett are perfect

Why do people act so surprised when they see something like this. There are many famous actors that have done this before like Heath hedger and jake gyllenhaal in brokeback mountain. Jake gyllenhaal is one of my favorite act

Why do people act so surprised when they see something like this. There are many famous actors that have done this before like Heath hedger and jake gyllenhaal in brokeback mountain. Jake gyllenhaal is one of my favorite act

People shouldn't be upset about this. If anyone has actually seen the movie Dorian Gray it shows that he would seduce and sleep with men or women.

Comong people 2014! this is something that is on our life every day so in my opinion i dont think thas is going to jeopardize this men thats support right ther you ear me and the kiss FK HOT!!!!

Josh can kiss whom ever he wants I think he is  a great actor and picked roles that suit him just fine.  keep being HOT josh....

Ok so I'm a straight woman and I had to rewind this several times. That kiss was hot. I'm proud he isn't homophobic. All the negative comments on here is ridiculous. I find them both attractive

Why am I reading homophobic comments on a LGBT website? 

Lol at the homophobic comments. Ah, the American Ignorant Anonymous Community. The ppl who are too cowardly to put their name by their ignorant opinion and too stupid to go anywhere else online.

As for Josh, more male actors need to play gay. Its the only way to remove the homophobic mentality in this country.

I can 't believe people see this as anything more than a kiss unless they have some issues with themselves.  Josh H. kissing a guy is just that. Who cares.   It's acting people.  Best question is what they are going to do with this.  I get so tired of guys who feel personally threatened by what someone else does.  If you were really straight it would be hard to understand how a guy kissing a guy could possibly threaten you.

Josh has relly hit rock bottom in his career to stoop to this level of kissing a guy. He no longer looks good anyhow.

Wow.... an ignorant comment by an anonymous person..... what a surprise. Boring, but predictable.

Has he?  Relly?  Has he relly hit bottom? You nitwit. I think hitting bottom is when you post stupid homophobic comments and don't even have the intelligence to know how to spell.  Relly!

Disappointed with Josh and was really excited about seeing him again , no longer now.

What an intelligent contribution you made!  Moron.  And exactly why are you so upset if some male actor kisses a guy?  Does this make you gay?  Can't see how it could.  So what exactly are you afraid of?

I don't mind that you're a dumb dime-a-dozen homophobe but what really bothers me is when you do it in public.  Disgusting.

You, stupid cow!

who the hell is the unattractive Dorian actor?

I'm curious as to how they are going to justify it.  It came out of left field. It is strange enough that they cast an unattractive guy as Dorian Gray.  Why would an apparently straight man suddenly be all over him?  Something in the sugar?

Came out of the left field? Were you watching the same show as me? I am so fed up of people assuming heteronormativity. Literally nothing in the show has said that Ethan is straight you just assumed that - yes he had sex with a woman but that isn't actually an indication of being straight. It certainly didn't take me by surprise. Dorain, a character we already know to be bisexual, who has never met Ethan before or exchanged more than a few words picks him up in the street.

Ethan went with him knowing exactly what was up I mean come on there is a certain expectation there. They start first with a bit of blood sport to get the adrenaline going (at least that was the idea but there are other issues there with Ethan) and there was a fuck load of subtext like the whole "this isn't my first time". Then an extremely homoerotic scene in the bathroom to do with cologne with words exchanged like "how do you choose?" and "depends on how I fee or how I want to feel" and so on. The cologne could easily be a metaphor for bisexuality "different aroma's make you feel differently don't they?" Yes because sex with men and women do make you feel different. SUBTEXT SUBTEXT BLATANTLY OBVIOUS SUBTEXT. 

Also Ethan being a werewolf (probably) is likely to have a heightened sense of smell, but the whole thing was basically him saying I AM AWARE OF YOU'RE SCENT and you know probably likes it because he wouldn't have brought up the bottles otherwise. They were  flirting for gods sake and from that point on the kiss was just a matter of time. I personally would urge you to watch the scene again and watch the way they look at each other and their body language leading up to the kiss...the interest. Also Dorian is far from unattractive even if he isn't everyone's type. He may not match up to the stereotypical idea of masculinity but he is in fact very beautiful. 

Why would Ethan suddenly be all over him? Ignoring your 'apparently straight' comment because that is pure ignorance. Well that is also pretty easy to answer. What is one of the defining characteristics of Ethan so far? His desire for things that are honest, that are what they are and do not lie. Perhaps because he is the very opposite of that and lives a life of complete deception filled with lies but you know really really doesn't want to hence the whole being somebody else theme. Dorian is unabashedly himself, honest in his desires, opinions, etc etc which is very attractive to Ethan as a result in the same way that Brona Croft was. Or at least he appears that way because Dorian in himself is also an interesting character. He isn't a lie per se but until we see what his portrait actually looks like at this point a deeper analysis is harder but I'd guess this story takes place in a time after Sybil Vane??

Anyway no there doesn't have to be something in the sugar because honestly the world is really not as simply divided into gay and straight as you think it is but whatever let the bi-erasure go on. 

Lol no offense gentlemen on your taste in men....but I'm sure most women would agree that reeve carney who plays Dorian is far from unattractive. 

I was shocked, but that is what the show wants from us.  They want all us to sit and talk about this.  It was nothing but a kiss people.  I don't know why these days a kiss is something that needs to be debated on or dissected.  

Caught me. HOT!

Josh has really failed within his career to stoop to a level as this.

Ummm stoop to what level? Many of the biggest names in Hollywood have done same sex love scenes you sound like an idiot!

Yet conveniently hands and camera angles always seem to prevent us from seeing any actual lip to lip contact.

Honey, you need to LOOK CLOSER if you'd like to be that picky.  One shot - Ethan walking across the parlor and stretching his arm towards Dorian's throat, cut to reverse of Dorian's reaction to being grabbed, reverse back to Ethan, seeing Dorian, cut to medium two shot of Ethan pulling Dorian in, both in profile, and BAM.  Cut to a close angle of Ethan breaking the kiss over Dorian's right shoulder.

And then the ripping of clothes commences.

Video please..... this is the 21st century

The very last minute of the show is here:

Thought I was gonna faint...

To the right or to the left?

Wow!  Love the dude!

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