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Josh Homme Is 'A Disappointing Gay Man' On 'Portlandia'

​For you Portlandia fans out there, Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme guest stars this week as Carrie's disappointing gay brother. Why so disappointing? 

In typical Portlandia fashion, Carrie's disappointed when her brother fails to live up to gay stereotypes.

IFC writes: 

He doesn’t dabble in home decorating, he doesn’t give unsolicited fashion advice, and he and his boyfriend are total slobs. In fact, they like to do Jaegerbombs for breakfast instead of drinking heart-healthy kale smoothies. What gives?

Check out a clip!



Look for a new Portlandia episode on Thursday at 10 p.m.



FINALLY a REAL person who happens to be gay. I'm so tired of the media depicting gays as prancing, limp wristed, lisping, decorating stereotypes..or hetro actors flipping about the stage (Modern Family).

Even famed and succesful gay Producers insist on depicting gays as stereotypes..or is it the networks who force them to do it. I can't believe Ryan (Glee) is forced to do anything.

Portlandia is to be applauded for their approach, message and including REALITY in their show.

Thanks P!!!

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