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Joy Behar Criticizes Elisabeth Hasselbeck For Rosie O'Donnell Attack

Elisabeth Hasselbeck is facing backlash following her furious rant against Rosie O'Donnell on Fox & Friends. Among other things, Hasselbeck accused Rosie of spitting in the face of the U.S. military.

Former The View co-host Joy Behar responded to Hasselbeck's attack on Rosie on Wednesday night.

From E! Online:

Speaking to CNN's Don Lemon that night, Behar criticized Hasselbeck's harsh commentary. "I thought that was really kind of below-the-belt, to say she spits in the face of the military. I would like Elisabeth to explain herself," she said, pointing out that O'Donnell's eldest son is in military school. "What does she mean by that? And isn't it kind of a nasty thing to say about somebody who basically is a good person?" She added, "That's a dangerous thing to say about somebody. I think it's a hate-filled remark."

Rosie also responded to some fans comments and queries on Twitter; Twitter user @ellenrja tweeted:

@ehasselbeck Y in the hell wouldn't @Rosie b at ease the day of Barbara's farewell show? She's a professional! Not an insecure TWIT like U!

Rosie responded:

@ellenrja - excellent comment - she was hiding in her dressing room - til i walked right in and said hello - her reply LETS TAKE A SELFIE !!

Interesting that Elisabeth didn't make her bizarre accusations to Rosie's face...

What do you think of Joy and Rosie's responses to Elisabeth's attacks??


Not a fan of the view, Hasselbeck or O'Donnell.  However, Hasselbeck has really threatened some of you.  To make these kinds of comments about someone you never met in person, have no knowledge of whatsoever, is humorous to me.  And the langugage used - so professional.

The facts are:  The View went totally down hill once Hasselbeck left.  She has a thriving carerr on another network and was asked about O'Donnell returning to the View.  She did not make the comments without being asked.  

Name-calling is so mature.  Speaks volumes about our society.

I love Elizabeth. Don't like Rosie.

A good rule is to avoid gender-specific slurs.  You can get your point across without needless sexism.

Hasselback is an asshole.

Bye Felicia 

News Alert... Hasbeen said something

No one cared. 

Im withJoy.Ilook forward to Rosies return, all the tea partiers and Bush supporters  believe if you say anything against the war you are direspecting all vetrans. this is total crap . we are trying to get themout of the war zones and save lives, unlike W


Elizabeth is a See You Next Tuesday

C U Next Tuesday

look at the capital letters

Elisabeth's claim to fame is she can go a few days without eating.Survivor! So can my dog when she doesn't feel well!

Elisabeth's claim to fame is she can go a few days without food and can swim. So can my dog when not feeling well!

Elisabeth is a reality show refugee, who parlayed her fame and exploited every opportunity that came her way. Dont bite the media hand that fed you!

Kind of funny.  All these hate filled remarks about her hate filled remark.

Nice people. All of you are worse than the ones you hate.

Nice people. Absolutely no different, quite possibly worse, than the people you hate.

So its okay for everyone, including Behar, to make nasty comments about Elizabeth and call her names, but its not okay for Elizabeth to do that to Rosie??? Hypocrite!! I'm not a fan of Elizabeth. I'm not a fan of Behar. But don't tell one not to say "nasty things about a basically good person" and then condone everyone else saying "nasty things about a basically good person". That is the epitome of disrespect and intolerance. Behar only hates Elizabeth because she doesn't agree with her. If you're going to scream be tolerant of other's then maybe you should lead by example. Sickening bunch of hypocrites....all of them.

Elizabeth's critics are doing the same thing you are , calling her out for being a horrible person.

Show me where Behar said something bad about Hasslebeck? Besides just shaming her behavior? And I don't think everyone else was saying "She can't be disrespectful but we can" I think they are just giving it back to her. When people don't have a point to make they usually just shout that the other side is being "hypocrites." You sound hyseterical. Not funny crazy person hysterical

Hasselbeck is a CUNT! No one likes her, who is she again?

Nice language.  Would you want some one anyone for that matter to refer to your wife mother sister grandmother etc as that?  Show some class for once in your life.

I'm a wife, mother and sister and I agree- she;s a cunt. :)

Well. If they are, they are.

I think that Elizabeth is full of rage over the fact that she has now been relegated to being a 5th tier piece of eye candy for the sick and twisted fox news republican jackasses!! and the little credibility she had when on the view has dissipated into the joke she and the entire fox staff has become to legitimate news media!! She is but a lap dog for the right And what she say now is about as important as a bucket with the bottom missing, It doesn't hold water!1 it's all sour grapes!!

She just can't help herself. Hasselbeck is not the brightest bulb on the porch (mildly put) - that is why she fears strong, liberal women like Rosie O'Donnell.

Joy Behar is 100% correct!

I like her low hanging titties.

i think it's pretty apt to sat that hasslebitch is a coward! she pretends she has a place to stand to make her inane statements but we all look and point and lauuuugh and lauuugh not because she is funny but the absurdity of her mental awareness! just seeing the clips of fox and friends is enough to know she is in the right place for her...say here's a joke "what do you call the patch of skin hair and stink that sits between the dick and the asshole?...give up teeheeheee it's Elisabeth Hasslebeck!

Personally, I stopped watching The View because of Elisabeth.  I don't know that I think she's a bitch.  I just think she is stupid.  I think she has the capacity to be informed but I don't think she knows how to learn.

Elizabeth is a TEA PARTY TWIT!!


I agree.

Joy has always been a joy to watch - love her one liners.  Also - yes - Elizabeth is a bitch.

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