Joy Reid Denies Writing Troubling Homophobic Posts... But Can't Prove It


Progressive MSNBC correspondent Joy Reid is taking an "Oops, did I do that?" approach to addressing bigoted comments dredged up from posts she allegedly once wrote on her since-abandoned website, The Reid Report. Last week Reid vehemently denied new uncovered posts - which only add to the previous ones she apologized for in December - and claims that hackers hellbent on slandering her reputation are to blame. 

Reid hired Internet security experts in a vow to clear her name and identify the assailants, but as of yesterday, said that the team she hired has not yet detected the foul play that led to the foul anti-gay words. She took to her show AM Joy to update inquiring minds:

I genuinely do not believe I wrote those hateful things, because they are completely alien to me. But I can definitely understand, based on things I have tweeted and have written in the past, why some people don’t believe me. 

I have not been exempt from being dumb or cruel or hurtful to the very people I want to advocate for. I own that. I did it. And for that I am truly, truly sorry.

I look back today at some of the ways I’ve talked casually about people and gender identity and sexual orientation and I wonder who that even was, but the reality is that like a lot of people in this country, that person was me.

Her acknowledgement of a homophobic past stems from circulating previous tweets as well as the posts uncovered in December, but she still maintains that she did not write the newly uncovered blog posts. Here are some of the tweets:


Here's a taste of posts Reid apologized for in December ripping on Florida Congressman Charlie Crist:

I can just see poor Charlie on the honeymoon, ogling the male waiters and thinking to himself, ‘god, do I actually have to see her naked…?'

Miss Charlie, Miss Charlie. Stop pretending, brother. It’s okay that you don’t go for the ladies

And here's a taste of the freshly dug up anti-LGBT sentiment:

...a lot of heterosexuals, especially men, find the idea of homosexual sex to be … well … gross.

Most straight people had a hard time being convinced to watch ‘Broke Back Mountain.’ (I admit that I couldn’t go see the movie either, despite my sister’s ringing endorsement, because I didn’t want to watch the two male characters having sex.) Does that make me homophobic? Probably.

Reid's investigation into a potential hacking is still ongoing. We're all on a journey to bettering ourselves, and whether or not Reid wrote the, um, colorful posts, it sounds like she does not, in fact, find homosexuality to be "gross." Do you think Joy was hacked? Does focusing on Joy's unverified homophobic rant detract from more immediate threats facing the LGBT population in 2018? Let us know.