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Juan Pablo's Anti-Gay Remarks Don't Hurt 'The Bachelor' Ratings

Just in case you were worried, ratings for ABC's The Bachelor went virtually unchanged following Bachelor star Juan Pablo Galavis's homophobic remarks and subsequent apology (English is his second language so that's why he called us perverts. Duh.).

According to Gay Star News:

This week's episode of the long-running reality show featured Galavis giving two of the female contestants vying for his heart the boot. It attracted 7.8 million viewers which is almost dead-even with last week's ratings of 7.9 million viewers. 

Eh. Even if only 100,000 people decided to change the channel based on Juan Pablo's anti-gay comments, we'll take it. 



Slutty chicks are coming together. They've got a bachelor to impress. A homophobic dad with a strong c0ck is a great chance for numerous of slutty b**ches to show their skills in giving a solid blowj0b and get a change to be his wife at the end. Sad world they live in...

I feel like fisting this guy...

Listen, this asshole knew exactly what the fuck he was saying when he said it.  He only made an apology because his team were probably trying to convince him to do damage control on what happened.

Hes a total moron!  THe second language excuse is lame.   THe show is lame...Both the Bachelor and Bachelorette have run its course.  I actually think the opposite of him , they should have

a Gay Bachelor because that would be intersting and ground breaking instead of this same

cookie cuttie boring show, where just the faces change each season but its the same boring format. Survey says.....bring on the GAY BACHELOR...and watch the ratings soar.  Until then, I am not watching it.

Phuleez!!!  It's dumbed down TV programming, like so many other so called reality shows.  What do you expect.  I'd be surprised if any of their viewers even read!

Suggestion: why don't they make a gay bachelor in states where gay and lesbians can wed.  I would watch that over the bachelor or bachelorette anytime.

The show is terrible!.....It is slow and draggy!......If there was something better on TV, I would not be watching this!  I think it is the worst year we have had on the Bachelor.  You have really scraped the bottom of the barrel this time!!!!!!

Please buy a book and read the next time there is nothing better on. It might jusy save your sanity. The bachelor is a sad example of how little straight couples care for marriage. Where is the love?


his gay!

Stop making stupid people famous

He knew exactly what he was saying. . I don't buy and I don't watch ABC anyways.

Entertainment exists just for one reason. And there would be people who didn't like what he said but they would watch the show anyway. 

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