Julian Serrano Twerks It To J. Lo's "Booty"

What better way to usher in Hump Day than Julian Serrano serving up a twerking ode to J.Lo's "Booty"??

Who are we to question such artistry?

(H/T: Towleroad)


twerking is not dancing.  Its just people shaking their butt. 

He does it better than the girls, not my cup of tea, but I think it was a lot of fun and I enjoyed it

Shake what your momma gave you is what i say :0)

I wish I could twerk like him! I adore him :)

I don't care if it's trashy or not, if u have a beautiful but like that then u should show it off, whether it's twerking or what ever, it is nice!

Sure is  a lot of racially charged comments here....hateful people.  Julian, coming from a big ol' bottom.....you betta work bitch!  =)

twerking is most definitely not my thing, but he's obviously good at it.  i so go for it, gurl.


As someone who has worked with Mr Serrano professionally, I can tell you all he's intelligent, funny, and an enjoyable person overall. Twerking is just one aspect of his life at this moment in time. He really couldn't care less what haters thinks of twerking. He's having fun doing it - and it is getting him further in life than complaining about it gets the haters. Twerking isn't my cup of tea either, but from what I've seen he does it rather well.

Trashy people doing what trashy people do. The whole twerking thing is just idiotic. 

Twerking is a tasteless form of dance...some can do it, some can't.  Actually being able to twerk is not something to brag about. I'm not a hater, I just didn't grow up in the ghetto. 

My birthday is next week I'll take the whole cake .

Those who can do and those who can't are Bitter......BITTER party of 1 your table is ready.

Clip is fine example of good twerk, but THOSE pants!   Good lord, please burn them now.  I can't unsee those.  I love booty so much but those pants burned my eyes and now that's all I see.  Just say no to the pants.   Please!

He's a cute, talented guy. Fuck you bitter cunts. 

It's nasty and unsexy . Only old perves and trolls like this kinda shit.

Why are there so many nasty unhappy queens on these sights  who always have  some negative just plain horrible things to say about ever article.  I would love to see the statistics on  how  mentally healthy or unhealthy   the gay  community members are.



I am not hating at all.  Trust me, in about 15 years he is going to be very embarrassed he ever acted this way.  That's a fact.  Do you think twerking is going to be something that people love until the end of time?  It might seem "cute" right now, but trust me, this shit is embarrasing


some people are just jealous...that's why they say bad things...he's young n' hot...enjoy baby!! have fun...

I will take very good care of this boy.... That ass need a BMW and a key to my place. Call me I'll get you both ...

This comment is thoroughly awkward and creepy.

And this is as good as his life will EVER get. Poor buffoon.

What a horrible comment. You must be terribly unhappy and bitter. This kid is having a great time being young, dancing and being cute. Let him be. Plus, why are you clicking this link if you weren't interested on the photo of a boy twerking? This link delivered exactly what it advertised and you watched, enjoyed it and then had to try to knock someone down. Feel better?

He's starred in music videos and some other stuff. I don't think anything of his intelligence because he likes to twerk, and I don't understand why you assume that. Wouldn't you want to if you had that body?

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