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Julianne Hough Dons Blackface For Halloween Costume

Clearly Julianne Hough didn't phone a friend on this one. The actress went in blackface last night as part of her Halloween costume--she was dressed as Crazy Eyes from the Netflix hit, Orange Is The New Black.

As you can imagine, the choice is already causing a bit of a stir on the interwebs.

We're sure she meant it all in fun, but ehhh....blackface is rarely (read: never) a good idea. 

Did she make a bad call, Instincters?


so orange is the new black????

Did anyone complain when they made "White Chicks"? That movie didn't offend  me, why should this?

I thought it was a spray tanned Lindsay Lohan at first......

I did too! Julianne Hough is every good thing about being human. There is not a bad bone in her beautiful body and gifted heart.

It's Halloween. In the past I've had ultra-liberal friends dress up in Nazi uniforms. Let her pass.

Get over it folks! She was dressed as a "character" which happens to have a "black face" i'm so sick of everyone being so offended about everything. Its halloween, not a racial statement obviously...

So you know how your straight friend uses "gay" to mean "uncool" & you have to explain to them why it's offensive even if they didnt mean it to be. Then spare me the need to explain. This is racist. It isn't funny, it isn't edgy, it's just plain racist. If you don't know why just google "history of blackface".

I thought it was just a really Dark Spray Tan. It don't look like she's trying to look African. 

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