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Just Cuz: Geena Davis Rocks Iconic 'A League Of Their Own' Uniform At 57!

Excuse our gay gasp. We're hoping this is relevant to all of your interests because it's certainly relevant to ours!

Geena Davis, the ultimate Rockford Peach, stepped into her baseball uniform from the iconic film A League Of Their Own, twenty-one years after the film's release!

Geena is still ROCKING the look at 57-years-old! 

According to US Weekly, "In lieu of a catcher's mitt  or baseball bat, though, Davis -- 36 when A League of Their Own came out -- brandished an archer's bow and had a pack of arrows slung across her back. She appeared to be filming some kind of a commercial."

We know Thelma & Louise and Beetlejuice will always be her highlights for some, but she'll always be "Dottie" to us! 


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