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Just Cuz: Oprah's Hair-Raising New Issue!

Oprah is serving up some RuPaul's Drag Race realness on the latest cover of O Magazine!

Yes, ma!! 

According to USA Today

Oprah says O is going through every aspect of hair "with a fine-tooth comb." She says they will be "exploring why hair has such a hold on us, how to change it, dye it, lose it, buzz it, and grow it out, and everything you need to make yours the best it can be."

As for her cover look, it's a 3.5-pound wig, created by stylist Kim Kimble wig. "I wish I could say it was all mine. In fact, though, it's borrowed. And it feels like carrying around an extra head," Winfrey reveals.


Get it, O!!


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