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Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Talks Supreme Court's Ruling On Marriage Equality

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has revealed, however judiciously, how she feels regarding the Court's handling of the DOMA and Prop. 8 cases, which it decided this June.

Bloomberg reports:

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg hailed the U.S. Supreme Court’s incremental approach on gay marriage, blamed her colleagues for inviting a deluge of political spending -- and suggested she’s ready to spar over those issues for years to come.

In a rare interview in her chambers, the 80-year-old justice reflected on a term in which she helped shape narrow victories for gay marriage while underscoring her status as the leader of the court’s liberal wing and its foremost champion of legal protections for women and racial minorities.

Ginsburg, who has said the court was too bold in the landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade abortion-rights ruling, said the justices wisely took a more limited approach in the two gay marriage decisions. Supporters had urged the court to declare a constitutional right for same-sex marriage nationwide.

“The court handled both of those cases just the way they should have,” she said.


What do you think, Instincters? Do you agree with the Court's "incremental" approach to same-sex marriage rights? Are there similarities between this case and the Roe v. Wade decision?


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