Justice Scalia Says The LGBT Is An "Invented Minority"

Justice Scalia has apparently credited the judicial system with inventing the LGBT community, apparently. Yep, you're no longer born that way, fellow gays, SCOTUS has invented you. 

In a speech given in Bozeman, Montana, Scalia decides that gays are "invented minorities." Of course he really is criticizing his colleagues for protecting the gay community against the unconstitutional and endemic discrimination, hatred, bigotry, violence and inequality it regularly faces in the United States, but "inventing minorities" is a little more ambiguous. 

Anyway, Scalia told the MT crowd that “It’s not up to the courts to invent new minorities that get special protections." 

“We’re now in an age when the high court’s opinions speak of an evolving Constitution,” he added. “It means what it ought to mean. And who decides what it ought to mean?

Nope. It's up to bigots like you, Scalia, to push minority groups like the LGBT into a second class citizenship fight for equality and against discrimination. 

(h/t: Towleroad)



This man is the very reason why Supreme Court Justices must have term limits.  He is completely unable to rule impartially on civil rights cases.

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