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Justin Bieber Donates $545,000 To HIV Research


Justin Bieber was the talk of the amfAR Cinema Against AIDS Gala in Antibes, France last week during the Cannes Film Festival when he donated a whopping $545,000 to HIV research.

From Gay Star News:

Justin Bieber has donated $545,000 towards HIV research, matching another donor’s donation at the amfAR gala charity ball in Cannes on Thursday.

Organizers were floored by the offer and double-checked with Bieber to make sure he was serious about the donation, which he confirmed he was.

Keep it up, Biebs and you may just restore that public image after all! 


If you watch any of Bieber's YouTube videos from before he was famous you will clearly see that he is RACIST. He lets the "N" word fly freely from his lips, and jokes about the KKK.

My question is:  as gay people wanting the civil rights that we deserve, how do any of you support someone who is RACIST? No one should buy his music, go to his concerts, etc. I can't look at him as being "hot" or talented, because his personality disgusts me.

He should donate that money to the United Negro College Fund!

Anyone who donates a cent to help a fag should be stoned and left for the rats.

Anyone who still believes, 30 years into the epidemic, that AIDS is just a gay disease, is just too ignorant to take seriously...
As of 2014 - the highest number of NEW HIV/AIDS infections in the U.S.A. are found in the heterosexual males between the ages of 14 and 24 demographic - (Heterosexual means "straight", Kevdobbins) - Worldwide, the epidemic is predominant in women - 

Anyone that agrees with your statement obviously doesn't belong n this day & era, much less the Earth itself.

wow, you really are an ignorant, slack jawed, inbreed, low class, scumbag. You should be taken out and stoned to death just because your breathing...get a life and get out of our room asshole.

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Spam much?

Bieber has come into fame very early in life, and sadly, it hasn't been a very positive influence on him.  He has made several inappropriate comments, then made things worse with horrible actions. This kid has just made mistake after mistake, publicly and privately.  

And now, here he is FINALLY doing something worthwhile.  It doesn't change any of the things he's done before, but it really is a huge sum of money and it may do a lot of good.  By itself, it doesn't redeem him in my eyes, but it *IS* a step in the right direction.  

The appropriate response is a heartfelt "thank you."  I would be very pleased if this turned out to be the first of many steps he could take to turn his life around and contribute positively to the world.  

Or he might be still be the biggest douche ever, who just happened to throw a large sum of money in the right direction without learning a thing.  Time will tell.

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Isn't celebrity suppose to set the example for the masses?  Who cares that this kid is on a self destructive road he may never get off of.  I say, Bravo Biebs.....good gesture to support any type of cause that would make the planet a better place.  The rest of you, get off your fucking high horses.  Amen

Many need to reminded of what humanity is to be.  Regardless the reason and of who, a good for all has came out of this. 

This is a tax deduction for him, as well as an attempt to lure you needy fags into his fan base.

He should have his asshole rung-out by a prison yard of thugs for this donation.

Worthless fuck!

you sir a truly a fucking asshole....why are you even in this page?  take your breeding ass to somewhere dark and ugly....and let the people who care about this stuff talk without your 9th grade bullshit...bullies like you shouldn't have a FUCK OFF

Ignore it and it will soon tire when its comments draw no attention.

seriously Kevdobbins35205?

You sound like a worthless piece of shit...I would bet that someone of your ignorant stature hasn't done one selfless thing in your life...let alone give a huge amount of money for research that would benefit the world. Stop giving your fantasies about getting gang raped in the yard and go down to your local charity and do something for someone else. Please do NOT give blood, we don't want your dna in the gene pool...Amen

He was probably drunk.

atleast he did this

There are 2 facts here that are mutually exclusive.

Justin Bieber did a good thing for the fight against HIV,

Justin Bieber is a douche.

Both can exist without negating each other.  End discussion.

Way too many adults are obsessed with this dumb kid. I say good on him. Now let him fade out into obscurity, which isn't going to happen if you are all like "he's the scum of the earth I HATE HIM!!!!"

You people are insane. This kid is a total loser. But he throws a few bucks in your direction, and all of a sudden he's your fucking idol. Give me a break. He's an embarrassment that we should want nothing to do with. 

Thanks for the money. Now go away. 

When was the last time u donated anything?  NEVER. Fuck u attacking people who actually help us. You're a disgusting excuse for a human being. 

Really? Evidently you are what sticks to a dollar bill when someone drags it down the street. You're a lemming being manipulated by this nutjobs PR team. This money was pennies to him, a cheap spectacle to help his shitty image. Your adoration was bought way too cheaply. 

I think it's a little insane to hate some random famous kid you don't even know but it's up to you if you want to waste your time like that.

Manager or not, that is a great gift for the entire community.

Hey, Dont dis respect the the guy wheater or not his manger told him to do it. Its still a good deed if any of you who is dissing him like that had his money would you do it out of your own I dont think so. 

Yay!!!! Regardless of why he did this.... This gift is Amazing.... Baby steps for sure.... Sometimes doing something good feels good and might change his course....

Nigga Nigga Nigga Nigga I'm 100% Nigga

He totally got HIV

What an idiotic thing to say!  You are a loser.

I'm proud of you Justin wish everything are ok to you

I'm proud of you Justin wish everything are ok to you

Wow being young you have done good .

Are you guys serious? Please tell me why the heck it matters if it was his manager who told him to do this? He did it! That's what matters! Even when Justin actually does something sweet and mature you still write stupid things about him. Please people, grow up.

You are 100% correct!

This is really good news for the HIV cause and a very generous gesture on J B's part, that said I still think he's a spoiled brat with to much money and no one to guide him.

You're always good to me Justin!

well done ma idol!

Wow reading some of these comments all anyone knows about Justin is what they see on TMZ. Justin was doing charity work for underprivileged children giving school supplies before his "bad rep" incidents. And from what I herd he was acting out because of his break up with Selena Gomez. Take a minute and think of your first heart break bet u did some things u regret too.

p'shaw...thank you for the donation, managers and PR people. Bieber had nothing to do with this other than to hollar "" for fifteen minutes for about three concerts.

The dollar amount is meaningless to him (at this point) and the receivers of the donation was not of his decision...cripes, he can't even spell HIV.

...but in the end someone benefits, and that's the good thing.

Are you serious right now? Even when he does something like this, you say shit about him. It shows a lot about your character. It's just so pathetic. People like you are a special kind of stupid.

I truly hope this did come from his heart and not his PRs/"handlers" (if he has any who don't encourage his poor behaviour). That said, it's still a lot of money to donate - fair play :)

You can't buy respect!

Seria bueno que parte de ese dinero se destine a la linea de investigacion respecto al sida del grupo disidente que se opone a los actuales tratamientos y lectura del fenomeno sida 

I'm surprised, but very thankful for a donation of this size.

Cheers Justin, as a gay male with HIV, I sincerely do thank you for your generosity and support!

What  a  wonderful  gift

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