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Justin Bieber Moons His Sleeping BFF In Cheeky Instagram Photo

Boys will be boys? 

Depending on his perspective, Justin Bieber's best friend Lil' Za is in the midst of a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare in this Instagram pic that Bieber posted below!

Justin writes:  "@lilza u ass leep????"

We're sure there's more where that came from.


Image Source (H/T: NNNext)


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HOT! He Can Moon me anyday ;-)

I fail to see the point in any of those photos. Why are they moments profound enough to capture on film? Why share them? Do they really lack that much self-respect. There is little heterosexual connotation to any of these images. If he is asleep then it isn't really doing him any harm. Taking a photo to do him harm later just makes you look stupid. All participants are stupid and questionably homosexual. Get your life together and more accurately define your sexual orientation. Get yourself a sense of style too. I viewed a few Instigram photos and the boy has horrible style. He looks like fell down the laundry shute.

I nearly puke whenever I see a regular picture of him. Now you show a picture of his ass? BARF!!!!

Bieber and his two "bffs" SUUUURE. Get that oreo love Justin!

First photo shows him in bed with two other guys....I knew he was gay.

Maybe he wasn't fully awake and thought that Usher was laying next to him?

Instinct, please stop showing pictures of this 'artist'. He is everywhere already. Instinct readers are not the 'masses'

I want to be in bed with him! Ha!

so he's gay and likes black guys with big dicks. 

Putting your bare white arse out there for your 'mates' to see (even if he is meant to be a sleep) is just asking for trouble. And I mean that in a homoerotic way. those two black dudes seem very comfortable with him. But I do agree with someone who says it shouldn't mean they are having sex. It not real mean who are comfortable with that, what the hell is a real man anyway. It is a person who is comfortable in themselves that wouldn't freak out sleeping with you guy mates.

This boy is GAY. And nobody is going to convince me he is not. 


The mooning is in the second picture

Men, gay or straight, can lay together without it being weird. Comments like that only feed the straight monsters fear of being near us or being associated with us. A real man would just lay where he feels comfortable and not even consider if he's "too close" to the next guy or now. 

The group I ran with in junior high and high school was tight-knit. We often slept together, male and female, straight, gay and bi, without it ever becoming awkward.

Later, as part of a renaissance faire guild for over a decade, I ate, slept, dressed, undressed, etc., alongside the other troupe members. again, there was nothing either awkward, nor sexual about it.

I think the only people who suggest people cannot be intimate without also being sexual are those who don't trust themselves.

That's exactly what am saying out the closet

Usher been pounding that ass a while...

Yes he was. :) 

Why do we even give a shit about this talentless hack?

There is no way 3 str8 men would be laying in bed like that together. He just needs to come out of the closet.

Looks like he wants to get pounded by Lil Z

I knew eventually we would see Justin in bed with two black guys :-)

nice ass i take him

Where's the mooning?

Oh I forget...means something different over there....

what does it mean in your part? I cannot get a suitable answer from Google. 

i think that boy just needs to come out the damn closet and admit he is gay

No he doesn't, if he is he can stay there, we don't want him.

I second and third that, we don't want him at all!!  He can stay on team breeder! 


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