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Justin Hartley & Gabriel Mann Steam It Up Again w/ More Gay Kissing On 'Revenge'

We think we're going to start calling this our weekly installment of Justin Hartley's gay kisses on Revenge. 

We brought you last week's steamy same-sex smooch with Gabriel Mann and this week the twosome go at it poolside, where naturally the shirts come off! (We have no complaints.)

Here's the breakdown of the plot of this week's ep leading up to the kiss in the event that you care. 

From Hollywood Life

Nolan and Patrick had one hot kiss in the last episode and Nolan was ready for more. When he went to talk to Patrick, Patrick confronted him about how he knew he was gay. Nolan attributed it to a “well-caliberated gay-dar,” but Nolan didn’t buy it. He found out that Nolan went to his ex-wife and paid her for information. Patrick said he doesn’t play games and stomped off.

Later, Nolan told Patrick about his trust issues and admitted he screwed up by going behind his back. He asked for one more chance, if Patrick was willing to give one.

We wonder what Revenge will give us next week!! Stay tuned!!


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I wonder which track is on while they kiss around the pool ...

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