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Kansas Gets Closer To Legalizing Denial Of Services To Gay People


Updated Wednesday, 2:45 p.m. cst

The Kansas House has officially sent legislation protecting businesses, individuals and state employees who wish to deny goods or services to gay couples to the state senate.

Following a wide margin in the initial vote on Tuesday, today's procedure saw a few more state reps voice their opposition to the legislation. But it wasn't enough. In a vote of 72 - 49, the Kansas House has officially endorsed the refusal of goods and service to a portion of their tax paying constituents. The bill heads to the Kansas Senate, where Republicans outnumber Democrats 31 - 9. 

Good luck, Kansas. 

Head here for the full language in the bill.

Also, a petition has gained momentum in recent days over attention paid to Kansas. Head here to sign. 


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What a difference a state line makes.

Whereas positive news about the modern civil rights struggle flowed out of Missouri early Tuesday, neighboring Kansas (home of Westboro) has threatened to force its citizens back into segregation. 

As reported last week, House Bill 2453 seeks to enshrine a homophobic relative of Jim Crow law in Kansas. If passed, businesses and government employees are free to refuse goods and services to gays behind the shield of a Bronze Age Biblical passage.

If it's a government employee who's denying service to an American minority because of a Leviticus passage, the law asks the homophobe (who's probably wearing a uniform of mixed-fabrics and preparing for a ham sandwich lunch break) to "promptly" find another employee who isn't prejudiced. Oh, but only if "it can be done without undue hardship to the employer.”

Anti-gay businesses will have even more protection to refuse service (including loans, accommodations, etc.) to the LGBT community.​ Looks like that Oklahoma asshole might want to move his anti-everything except redneck restaurant one state north!

Unfortunately, the Kansas House approved an initial vote of the measure with a "fuck you, LGBT community"-tally of 72 - 42. A final vote will take place on Wednesday. If passed again, it moves to the Republican-controlled state senate. 

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Is this real? Can you even do that? Stupid on their part to deny paying customers.

Every day I thank God that I don't live in Kansas.  Hiding one's hate behind one's religion is truly pathetic.  That seems to be what is about to happen there.  I feel very sorry for the gay residents of Kansas who will be victims of this modern day religious persecution.

Leviticus is a very precarious book to navigate - be very careful, lest you find yourself stoned by others for your PolyCotton shirt, pants; or enslaved by the Canadians, or maybe even the folks from the next county over.

Let us also remember that a lot of the Old Testament had to do with health issues - how not to poison yourself in the desert.  Much that was attributed to God was actually the work of Man.

How about we consider one of the New Testament readings in a light most of us have never even known might need clarification - or verification as to its EXACT meaning?

Read the bill people...!!!

This so called "reporter" used a "I'm the victim" spin on the whole story. One has to respect everyone's beliefs: wether they are gay, super religious, or something else... 

Nobody has to respect anything. If you believe that molesting kids is cool, I'm going to have a problem with you. If you believe some story book that's been translated several times, several millennia ago by people that had no clue what life could ever be like today, then I'm going to have a problem with you too.

Live your life according to you. Not a story book.

I was raised Christian by my mother. My father was an atheist. I left the Christian church about 10 years ago, and converted to Judaism. I do not practice any religion faith much these days. The reason I left the Christian church is because it was an abomination. The church that I went to expanded and the next thing I knew there were Starbucks machines at every corner, they held raves for the youth, and everyone that went there was really rich. I came from a middle class family. Since I wasn't wearing the coolest Abercrombie clothing I was shunned by the youth program. I even tried to be in a play in 7th grade, a fish tails performance and I did not make the cut.  I decided that material things should not have to turn someone on to God.

For a long time I have based my views of the Christian church off of this one church. Maybe that is wrong of me to combine all Christian people and think that they are all judgmental people, and put them into one stereotypical group. A group that didn't approve of me wearing black nail polish, clothes from wal mart or target. A group that didn't like that I had taken a sex education class in school, or my friends, or my dad. A group that hated my appreciation for classic rock, because any kids my age should listen to Toby Mac or all Christian bands. God forbid I understand a dirty joke, and laugh at it.  Or that my views steered towards democratic rather than Republican, for some reason a lot of Christians are of the Republican party..I don't get it ...

I started to hate them. Not enough to do or say anything about it. But I just avoided them.

But I just wanted to make a point isn't that what anyone with an opposing religion is doing? Most all religions are clear about homosexuality not being an acceptable lifestyle. However, if anyone of religion does not see how man-kind having legal rights to refuse service, are you or are you not playing God in that situation? If you want to make a lifestyle decision devoting your life to God, then know that it is also a sin to play God. &if this bill does pass, which I highly doubt it will, but I hope you don't actually make the decision to enforce it just because it is legal.

If you truly have a problem with something and you can not change it, then adjust to it. Life is full of changes and great things. Yet here we are wasting our time on a computer defending our opinions.

For those of us who are without a religion, church, and a rule book. Where does that leave us? How fair is that? Can I just make up a rule book, document it on stone, then take it to a publishing company where you can buy a leather bound copy at Barnes & Noble, or make a downloadable version for your kindle, can I just make up my own religion...If I did I would say that I didn't have to deal with impatient jerks in sales anymore. & I would not discriminate or make any exceptions. If you're a jerk/douche/fake/lying son of a bitch- of any race creed or sexuality, I don't like you I reuse to you my service and time. Because you suck. & I see a lot of screen names, nick names, and first name last initials to start with.

I guess this means the tax-paying gay citizens of Kansas should no longer be required to pay taxes? People who are being treated like second class citizens should not be expected to pay first class taxes. Meanwhile anyone who wants the "right" to discriminate against others should obviously be required to pay extra taxes themselves for their "privilege". By the way, Jesus would not discriminate against gay people, and at Matthew 19:12 Jesus acknowledges that some people from birth are not meant to be in heterosexual unions, so go figure Kansas and get over your ignorant, immature and unnecessary homophobia!

Some of you people scare the daylights out of me.  You who believe in anything other than complete and total equal treatment of every American citizen no matter what his/her predispositions or propensities.  You who give constant rise to the goings on other people's pants and hearts.  You are the core of the problem.  Not us.  We don't go through this kind of hell because we put ourselves there... YOU DO.  You bleeding heart conservatives should really consider opening your minds with something other than FOX News and  Facebook.  The hypocritical rhetoric in half this line of conversation is bile producing.  I would pray for you, but I see that even your own prayers aren't really making any difference.  Why is God going to listen to me on your behalf?  

I agree with you on equal rights! That is what God wants for all his children. However, God will listen to you on someone's behalf. Pray for them or you too are part of the problem. No matter what they say or claim to beleive, we are not worthy to judge them anymore than judging someone because they are gay.

The fact that people use a book that is like twenty times removed from its original source (was translated several times before coming into English) and is told mostly by a bunch of men who didn't even know Jesus (a few of those stories told by men 600 years after Jesus was even around) to base a judgment to other people on, really strikes me. First off, even if this whole thing is real (religion wise) isn't one of the biggest things to love thy neighbor and to not judge? Like aren't those really big deals? We have ONE passage than bans gay relations (which also bans tattoos, eating pork, haircuts, mixing of fabrics ect. - which people seem to love to pick and choose from) and then we have SEVERAL messages of peace and acceptance, regardless of the person.. And yet people still choose to hate or something? And isn't there one with whoever lives in a glass house shouldn't be the one to cast the first stone or something? Every single person on this planet is a sinner, and yet people seem to think they have the right to judge another person? Ironic. Maybe you should make sure you're the purest form of man before you go around pointing your dirty ass fingers. 

Why are republicans so fascinated with LGBT folk? They want someone to hate so badly. What have we done to them? And how can the federal government let them get away with passing discriminatory laws that will open the doors to more hate crimes? This is not Russia. This is not Nigeria. My mind reels and my heart breaks reading about this hatred.

Those that don't learn history (BROWN VS. BOARD OF EDUCATION) get to repeat the class again in 2014 enjoy Citizens of Kansas cause in Federal Court the loser pays all fees including the attorneys from the other side.

Mick71: It is people like you who give real christians a bad name! How would you ever expect someone to accept a faith while attacking them with words like "you are a sicko" and "stick it in the cornhole" and "you are going to hell"?  Jesus never attacked anyone verbally unless they were blasphemous to God. He accepted everyone and loved everyone equally, telling them to repent of sin and ask for forgiveness. Jesus said; "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone." We all have the right to express our opinions, and we also have the right to live life unmolested. That includes verbally as well as physically. Human rights is not about doing whatever we want, its about our right to be protected. And it is not up to us to say who is going to hell and who isn't.

-Galen K. (straight, christian, carpenter, and father of five)

@ Galen K. To be honest I don't really 100% care if they choose to believe the truth or not! And it's just not in my personality to be sensitive about it... Some people/Christians choose to come across like saints so to speak when they're preaching, well that's not ME!  I'm not gonna sugar coat it for lack of hurting someones feelings...

I'm not Jesus or anywhere close to his perfection and never claimed to be but I am a good person with a good heart & morales and a family man with 3 kids. I believe in God and I know my own faults but I will not apologize for speaking whats on my mind... They need to know what they are doing is Wrong and at least admit it and ask for forgiveness from God. Are they going to change overnight? probably not but it's a good start...

I understand you can be Gay and believe in God and go to heaven, I never said you wouldn't! BUT IF YOU TRULY BELIEVE IN GOD and you're gay then you should be trying to work on this and God will help you!! So if a GAY person calls himself a Christian and isn't trying to SIN LESS and doesn't confess what they're doing is a sin then they're NOT a Christian at all!! There's a lot of fake Christians out there in general and those are the people who give us a bad name, I'm as real as it gets man!! However the gay people who clearly don't believe in GOD and choose to be ignorant will go to hell! For that matter any person that doesn't believe in God!! That's the reality of the situation...

People like you make me glad to be an are a pious hypocrite, and I'm willing to bet if you probably wish segregation was legal again.

@ Otis Galloway

Good luck with that! Ignorance is bliss huh?!?

I'm not a hypocrite, just telling it how it is... If you read my posts you would see that bs would not be tolerated from any person/gender/race/ etc etc if I was running a business and someone was acting out of line... 

If you're a good person with high Morales then you're fine in my book.  I also have some friends that don't believe in GOD... I give them the facts and they choose to ignore them.... well then sad to say they will most likely end up in hell... You'll know the truth soon enough one way or another but by then it'll be too late...

"I'm not gonna sugar coat it for lack of hurting someones feelings..." Good to know. Neither am I. Put a fucking bullet in your fascist skull ASAP. The less sky fairy bigots like you in the world, the better off the world will be.

" but I am a good person with a good heart & morales" No you're not. People like you are the worst sort of vile scum around.

@ Tim!

Lol Shut the fuck up! you're a nobody piece of shit Faggot! You wouldn't have a chance in hell you pathetic excuse of a human being... You'd be done before you hit the ground. 

I wouldn't have a chance in hell doing what, you motherfucking christo-fascist piece of pond scum? I have no intention of meeting you directly. I'm just going to cheerlead for your painful fucking death, whether it happens by your hand or someone else's. I just know that every single christo-fascist like you in the world causes nothing but pain & misery, so the sooner that you & all other christo-fascists like you are all dead, the better off we'll all be. So please get on with killing yourself. You & your christo-fascist brethren are not wanted on this earth.

@ Tim

Words hurt timmy... words hurt... :( LOL!!

Just Shut your horse cock sucking mouth... You're about as sharp as a marble... God & Real Christians is the Glue that's held this country together for so long.... Its funny you say that... Actually YOU'RE NOT wanted or needed on this earth and thank GOD you won't reproduce so your DNA ends with you!!

And your true colours show finally.

Why am I not surprised?

@ Otis Galloway

My true colors are I don't tolerate BS very well when someone directly threatens me or my family...

I didn't initially make any threats.... I don't like keyboard warriors

Love how you TRUE Christians molested children in Orphanages and protected the perpetrators by denial?? These great Christian are generally straight, and living in heterosexual relationships!  Thank you Catholics,  and all other good Christian faiths. It is my understanding that the Gay community just want equality, not persecution!   

Well said. If only more people would realize this. Jesus taught us to love, not to hate. Though, I think it goes for both parties when I say this. No one has to agree to anyone's lifestyle. We all have that right, but we shouldn't bash on each other either. We Christians should follow what Jesus taught, not the hate everything you can't comprehend small minded teachings of people who obviously haven't figured out that Jesus Christ died on the cross to wipe our slate clean, so we live by the New Testament now. That also goes for everybody else too though. Do you understand how much Christians get bashed as well. How much ridicule I get for my belief in God. We as people aren't very accepting in general. In a perfect world we would love one another, as ourselves.

I am a big "fat" GAY Christian and I think this is wrong. My distaste is not based solely on the fact that I am gay but also because I hate it when people use God to advance their own hatred and or political agenda. God is not a politician but instead He is love and he would never turn his back on any of his people because of who they are and how they were born. I believe that God made me and countless others this way not by mistake but by grand design. If you do not believe in God then "boo" on you b/c you are really missing out. He is wonderful and all powerful. All I can say is that I will pray for Kansas and hope that God will pull their heads out of their asses. 

@ Gerame

​Well at least you believe in GOD as you say... Are you happy with being gay or are you trying to change and realize and admit what you're doing is a sin?

I don't hate Gays, but I don't care to associate myself with them either. But if your gay and a flammer and act ridiculous in public then a business owner shouldn't have to serve you in my opinion or anyone that acts like that.... 

These are SOME verses from the BIBLE about homosexuality

And there's a lot more than 1 verse, why is it that GOD destroyed the city of Sodom and all the people in it, because they were are evil corrupt and all having sex with each other...

God didn't make you Gay... So don't manipulate or make up shit that isn't there!!


I don't like Christians.  If I have a business, say a restaurant, you'd be ok if I refused service to you or any other Christian who wanted to eat there?

I'm trying to determine if you are at least respectable and willing to live by the same rule or if you are a bigoted hypocrite.  JS.

@ Other foot

Well good luck with that since 76% of AMERICANS believe in GOD!!

Well yes if you were able to determine that a couple/family or person was a Christian eating in your restaurant and you didn't want to serve them then that would technically be your right in my opinion not too... You'd be out of business very soon but that would be your right!

However you didn't read all my posts. I said if a gay couple comes in one of their businesses and is acting all flamboyant and making a scene then it is their right not to serve them!

If it was my business in general & they're acting respectful then they would be welcome in my business. But this doesn't apply for just gay people, it would be anyone that walks into my business...If any group/race/gender etc. was making a scene and being disrespectful they would be gone and if they didn't leave it wouldn't be good for them. I don't have to deal with decisions like these but that's my opinion on it!

I'm sick of people in general making it seem like the world or society owes them something!! 

So, hate is still a Christian moral value in Kansas.  Where is the Wizard when we need him?

If this was a Facebook post, I would like it - repeatedly!!

Gods not real. Who cares if someone's gay. Let em live their own damn lives. 

god has nothing to do with weather your gay or not he accepts everyone for who they are if you went to church or had any kinda belief or trust in god you would no that you might wanna know what your talking about before you post a false comment:(

Before you go telling someone to get there facts straight you must first be talking about a factual topic. GOD is based on FAITH. And FAITH itself is the belief of something thats not a fact.

obviously god has everything to do with this. where do these people turn first when they want to defend their hatred? the bible. stop being so blind.

Look at what the Tea Party has done with the words of the Declaration and Contitution; since when is it news that people twist and misuse the Bible?  The Bible is a torch to light our paths, not a club to beat others.  Try out Matthew 25; sounds like God is not the problem.

The fact that this person is only focusing on gay men and not saying a word about gay women makes me wonder. So is it your opinion that 2 girls together is ok, but 2 guys is not??? Cause that is how most of you anti gay idiots think!!! 

Most straight men will fantasize about two women and would not hesitate if given the opportunity, easily overlooking that it is also homosexuality. I wonder if that bill is targeting only gay men, though? Either way, its definitely not cool. I am a straight man and a christian and do not agree with the marriage thing, but I also disagree with segregation at all levels, so I believe that gay couples should be allowed the same civil rights as a straight married couple without the prerequisite of marriage, although being legally binding just the same. I know that sounds weird, but it works with my faith and personal feelings. Also, I wonder if the "anti gay inquisitor" type of person is actually hiding from some latent homosexual desires that they harbor, and so their anger, fear, or guilt comes out aggressively?

That just blatantly suck!

And not in a good way.

I think if they want to deny such things to law abiding citizens then those citizens should also be freed from having to pay stats and local taxes. One good turn deserves another.

Right on!   I'm from Kansas, and my brother who still lives there and is disgusted with this alerted me to this article, via Facebook.  I also agree with you totally!  This is one of the many reasons I got fed up the state and moved to California, but I've gotten shafted out here too, succumbing to torrid influences that have affected my finances, mind and body.  I'm basically doomed.  Pitiful Kansas boy I was brought up as.

The bible is "the truth" ... really?  It is a set of stories written by men 2000 years ago and more for the old testament.

I would be the first to admit that many of the moral principles in the bible are good but that doesn't mean that EVERY WORD is good nor does it prove that every word is the literal truth.  There are numerous other religeous texts out there which for the basis of other religeons and for them these texts form their truth.  The blinkered Christians who think the bible is the only truth think these other texts are not the truth ... yet these other texts contain many of the same principles and sometimes even bits of the same stories.

The world has come a long way since the bible was written.  Christians nolonger go on Crusades killing people simply because they're not Christians.  Is that change also wrong?  If we still believed the literal word of the bible then we would return to the dark ages and slaughter millions simply based on them believing a different religeous text.

God "apparently" created everything ... if that was the case then why did he create gay people?  Did God make a mistake? But the bible says he is infallible and the bible is "the truth" ... so if it's the truth then God INTENDED to create gay people.

In the animal kingdom animals have sex with the same gender even more often than the "nominal" 10% of gay humans.  As God also created all animals was this another of Gods mistakes?

So either the bible is "the truth" which means that God makes mistakes in creating gay people and animals or the bible is simply a set of moral stories written by a few men thousands of years ago before proper education and science.

God gave us free will. We CHOOSE to do what we feel. 

Please choose to go join God then. We'll all be happier that way.

Good for Kansas! If you're gay or a lesbo that's your decision just like it's these peoples decisions not to serve you if you're some flaming homo and they don't want you in their business... I understand not all gay people act like this and some are respectful in public which is how everyone should act but it seems like it's becoming more and more "popular" and a choice nowadays... Didn't know because you were gay that you had to talk like a pansy and be over dramatic.

Obviously GOD created man and woman to be together and if you don't agree with this FACT then you're a moron... I just don't get why any man would think another mans hairy man shaped ass or any other part of a man is sexually desirable?!?!  My lady has a cornhole too and its a heck of a lot better looking than any guys ass. So just put it in her a@@ and hopefully you'll see the error of your ways... I guess its a good thing that most of you won't procreate. Haven't you all realized that our society in general nowadays is getting worse and worse?  The fact that all our morales are getting thrown out the door and we're not raising children the right way is the start to almost all of our fundamental problems with society. Almost all the gays and lesbo's I've known have some major issues... Is that a coincidence?? I know we all have our problems but overall more gays and lesbo's have a lot more mental issues and are sick in the head. And you know its true even if you're not one of the super pervs sticking your d@ck in anything that moves.... I've overheard stories.

The good news is it's not too late to turn from your wrong ways and read God's word and accept the truth before it's too late. I know none of us are perfect and I'm being judgmental but I'm sooo sick of all this politically correct bs nowadays and it's wrong to speak your opinion if it's not pro-gay. I'm not gonna lose any sleep if you don't choose to believe the truth and open your eye's...  We're all sinners but the main idea about believing in GOD and being Christian is actively trying to be a better person and to "Sin Less....." For all you who ignorantly say there is no God well what if you're wrong?!?! You will spend eternity in Hell in constant unbearable never ending teeth grinding pain. And GOD doesn't send people to hell, you make that choice!! So on the flip side if I'm wrong (and I know I'm not) I got nothing to lose!! And you have everything to lose.... There are countless stories about people dieing going to heaven or hell and returning to tell their stories. There's hundred's of documented facts and prophecies in the bible have all been 100% accurate. And there's no arguing with FACTS. Heck they even discovered Noah's Ark....

The reason why there are all these problems and bs in our world nowadays is because God gave us humans freewill!! He didn't create robot's, he wants us to choose to believe in him. That's how you're forgiven and have salvation in Heaven with NO pain, No Suffering and eternal happiness. ALL sins are forgivable in GODS eye's but your have to really mean it and open your heart and soul to GOD and ask for forgiveness. Maybe by the grace of GOD the truth will get through to at least one of you... Why not look into it you got nothing to lose and everything to gain!! YOutube is a good start to see real testimonials. OHH and yes I know I was pretty offensive but I'm a Marine and more of a warrior Christian at heart so I'm not like your average person preaching so to speak...

Mick likes dick.

Wow, are you kidding me... Did they teach you that mentality in the Marines! I don't know where to start. First, there are ZERO (0) facts stating "god" created man or women. Let me repeat that, ZERO facts other than stories written 2000 years ago. You have blind certainty! One question for that thought...Where did dinosaurs fit into the bible?? Again, ZERO facts.

Secondly,  the Christian belief teaches you to forgive all, love your neighbor, and to turn the other cheek. You have broken all three of those beliefs, which makes you...wait for it...a TERRIBLE CHRISTIAN! You should probably go talk to a priest their "soldier of god" before you end up in hell with all the gays you hate!

Thirdly, "warrior Christian" do you not see the irony in that statement. More people have died in the name of God than all World Wars, murders, and suicides combined (FACT). Fuck you and your "warrior christian beliefs". God was not a politician, Jesus was not a politician, yet you use gods name to determine political rules. The rules have already been determined, separation of church and state. Your religious views don't belong in law.

You are a very mixed up person, and need help. You can't have your cake and eat it to. I could keep going, but what's the point??

Scott, don't worry about Mick. He's a very angry, ignorant hypocrite. Those are the worst kind, and they aren't convincible, especially by facts. If you interpret the Bible differently than his hateful view on it, you're going to hell. If you believe in evolution, you're going to hell. If you're gay, you're going to hell. But he's not judging anyone!
In all seriousness, he has no regard for anything Jesus of Nazareth said because that would go against his teeny-tiny worldview. As a Marine, it's quite likely he has broken the Ten Commandments, so he has absolutely no right in the eyes of God or Jesus to judge the actions or tendencies of others. You can't win an argument with someone who doesn't believe in reason. Unfortunately, people like Mick are utterly incapable of learning new things or evolving. I feel sorry for them, but I don't worry about them until they start threatening me, which is almost inevitable if I express an actual fact rather than an opinion. It's ever so Christian to cuss people out for being different from you. He's just a stunted human being so try to ignore him, and hope his children sneak a peek at some science books and get a real education, even if they have to hide it from their bigoted, anti-Christian father.

@ Scott7100, You're so fucking ignorant words can't even describe your stupidity.... There's no place in the Marine Corps for Fags... I've watched countless videos where scientists have proven without a doubt that we were created by intelligent design and didn't just come to be or evolve dipshit. The odds of us evolving from some ape are about .00000001 in a trillion. Do some research before you just open your cock swallowing mouth so to speak and there's hundreds of facts that back up the bible, its words have proven to be 100% true.

Your not my neighbor bitch or someone I have to care about so don't twist God's words, I care about my fellow people and friends that are GOOD people with high morales. I also never said I HATE gay people in general. But I don't care to socialize with them and I don't think it's acceptable in any shape or form.... I forgive people who have sinned against me and don't preach to me as you really don't know what the fuck you're talking about!!

Yes warrior Christian, or is that to difficult for you to comprehend?!?! Again with your ignorance. As a Warrior Christian I don't go looking for a fight or want to conquer or rule over anyone (I wish their was peace throughout the world and everyone was a good honorable person) and I don't look forward to going into battle in the future but I will fight to my last breath for my family/friends and what I believe in. You're just a piece of shit under my boots... If you don't believe in God you're gonna be in for a rude awakening in the next 7-8 years or sooner if you die by accident...

We'll put!! 

So, in your messed up, closed minded little world... You think God is ok with you going into combat and killing another human being, but not with loving someone of the same sex? This politically correct bs, as you call it, is just basic courtesy, and respect for other people. The problem is, you weren't raised right.

Oh, and I am also a Marine, and I consider people like you an embarrassment to the Corps. 


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