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Kansas Senate Leader Says Bill Allowing Refusal Of Service To Gays Will Not Pass In Current Form

Though Republicans outnumber Democrats in the Kansas Senate by 31 to 1, Senate President Susan Wagle (R-Wichita) has said the notorious gay discrimination bill will not pass in its current form. 

"I believe the intent of the House was to protect religious liberties. We respect that, but the business implications are going to harm the practice of employment in Kansas," said Wagle.

So what about the legislation's current form needs to be removed for the Senate to consider it? According to Wagle, if allowance for government employees to discriminate against gays gets cut out, then the Senate will take it to session. 

A law protecting individuals and businesses wishing to deny goods and services to gays is still a nightmarish throwback to Jim Crow, but Equality Kansas thinks it's a good first start to end this national controversy. 

"Equality Kansas proposed amendments in the House that we believe would have made the bill more acceptable," said Thomas Witt, head of Equality Kansas. "If the Senate chooses to move forward with hearings, we look forward to working with them to draft language that will protect the religious liberties of all Kansans, while at the same time ensuring the dignity of gay and lesbian couples across the state."

(Via HuffPo Politics)


I thought conservatives were against giving gays "special treatment".  Some treatment is more special than others.

This will be their downfall.

This makes me sick

Dorothy landed in Russia...

Somewhere to the religious right of OZ.

Really?   What world are we living in?

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