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Kanye West's Wardrobe Malfunction Shows Off His Crotch During Concert

Say what you want about Kanye West, but at least he knows how to put on a show. At the opening night for his new Yeezus tour in Seattle, Kanye followed in Mario Lopez's shoes and suffered a wardrobe malfunction of glorious proportions. Though his face remained covered by that Gaga knockoff couture ninja mask, you can't say the same for Kanye's crotch, which decided it needed some fresh air midway through the performance. Despite the crotch rip, Kanye continued performing while revealing to the world that he's definitely a briefs man. . 

(Via SOHH)


Ladies and Gentlemen, I hereby give you your "creative genius", Kanye West.

Seriously, who the hell would wanna see this douche bags junk?

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