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Kate Gosselin's Kids Serve Her SHADE On TV

Okay, so Kate Gosselin isn't our general subject matter or interest, but this is basically the best real life Saturday Night Live sketch ever and we had to share!

Apparently Kate is doing a (self) promotional tour in an attempt to showcase how happy and well adjusted her kids are in the wake of their reality television fame and the subsequent divorce of their parents.

We'll let the kids speak for themselves.... (via TMZ)

Oof. The twins went off script. 

Not gonna lie. We're terrified over the Flowers In The Attic-style crazy they're going to have to deal with when they get home.

Someone send help.


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I actually disagree with most of the comments. I have a child and that sort of thing has happened to me. Someone asked my son a question and he totally clammed up. But, before that he had all kinds of things to say.

I have to admit I never watched the show, but the kids just seemed out of their element and got shy. 

they are not scared of her ... they won't co-sign her bs

Kate sure likes attention; this is clear! She was driving the entire thing and the girls were trying to figure out exactly what to say! ODD!

looks like a skit from Onion

This lady is such an asshole

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