Kathy Griffin Faints During Dublin Show, According To Report

In the last few minutes of her recent show in Dublin, Kathy Griffin was about to tell another celebrity story when according to the New York Times, "she froze, looked down and slumped, suddenly silent."

“Randy, I’m going down," the comedian reportedly said, calling out to her boyfriend, who promptly rushed to the stage to help.

Following the incident, Griffin took to social media to reassure her fans that she's doing well.

"I fainted at the end of my show. And I'm embarrassed, more than anything."

She continued:

"I had one more story, I had five more minutes, I had gone for two and a half hours...and I...yeah...

"So this one's for you, Wendy Williams.

"Girl down. I had a girl-down moment."



In closing, Griffin thanked the audience for being "fantastic," "forgiving," and "understanding."

"I promise to be upright the entire show next time," she said while smiling.