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Is Kathy Griffin Getting Into The Battle Between Perez Hilton & Lady Gaga?

Is Kathy Griffin wading into the Perez Hilton/Lady Gaga feud?

Earlier this week Kathy tweeted: “Is @PerezHilton cyber bullying & trying 2 RUIN @LadyGaga (whos a FIERCE advocate 4 #LGBT rights) BC she doesnt wanna hang out w him anymore?”

Perez quickly responded (according to Gossip Cop), tweeting

“@kathygriffin @ladygaga Not true. I haven’t said anything mean or hurtful towards her. No name-calling. Nothing that would be #bullying. xo,” he wrote.

He continued: “@kathygriffin @ladygaga P.S. It was me who didn’t want to hang out with her. xoxo.”

Perez finally added: “@tyleroakley @kathygriffin Don’t confuse your followers with what real bullying is vs me pointing out her iTunes sales or stating facts.”


We know Kathy is MORE than capable of handling herself, but we're thinking it might be wise for her to back away from this mess.

Actually that's probably good advice for all parties involved!


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