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Katie Couric Responds To Laverne Cox & Carmen Carrera Interview Controversy

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Katie Couric has responded to criticism she's received following her interview with transgender celebrities Laverne Cox and Carmen Carrera

Check out this clip from the "Follow-Up Friday" segment of her talk show.

Katie stated:

“Even if some thought my question was off base, I wanted to make sure my question and Carmen’s answer stayed in the show as a teachable moment for me, as well as our viewers. I’m really proud we were able to spotlight such an open and honest conversation with Carmen and Laverne Cox, who are both terrific, about the myriad of struggles that this often maligned, marginalized and misunderstood community faces.”

Laverne Cox previously responded to the interview controversy, expressing her gratitude to Couric for having her on the show. 

What do you think of Katie's statement, Instincters?


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This is how you PISS OFF  a Trans Woman!
You don't ask a Trans women if she still has a dick because it's NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!

She has not told anyone because it's NONE of our business!
It's a matter that's  between her and her husband!

A "teachable moment" my ass, it's common sense not to ask such a personal question!

It's a personal matter of the T-girls, so they would have to decide how they want others to perceive them. People's bodies are not my business. My body is my business. I don't need to know about other people's personal details. It has nothing to do with me. The only thing that is personally important to me is that T-girls are treated with respect and are allowed to be happy. They are living beings and as such, they are precious. I don't want to live in a World that belittles living beings.

There doesn't need to be an apology if the LGBT community stopped acitng like victims and whinning all the f'ing time and started using things liek this to educate and inform we will move forward so much faster.  I am friends with tons of trans people or T-girls as they like to be called, and they even agree the trans community spends so much time crying they feel like they aren't part of the community and are so discriminated against that  if they used that time to educate even gays and lesibians the movment would have so much more positive power! 

ummm....where is the apology!

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