Katy Perry Debuts New '90s-House Inspired Single, "Walking On Air"

Toss on a pair of rollerblades and locate the nearest stock of Zima, 'cause Katy Perry is bringing the '90s back in full force today with the release of her new single, "Walking On Air."

Katy tells MTV about her inspiration for the radio-ready song:

As for "Walking on Air," fans will have to wait until Prism's release on October 22 to hear the song in full, but she did divulge that the high energy-track came about in an unusual kind of way. It all started when she and a friend were strolling in Central Park and she saw a group of people roller-skating to deep house music.

"I looked at her and I said, 'I have to do a song like that,' " she said of the song, which she said she is using to channel dance diva CeCe Peniston's 1991 hit single, "Finally." "I was like I really want to bring that authentic 90's deep house song styling back."

So, Instincters, heart or hate it?