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Katy Perry Has A Lip Sync/Playback Snafu During Awards Show Performance

Whoops! Katy Perry had an audio playback malfunction of the Ashlee Simpson variety while performing at the NRJ Music Awards in France.

To her credit though, she powered through it and came back with a (LIVE) "Roar" when the award show's host interrupted the performance and asked her to start over.

Check it out!

Problème de playback pour Katy Perry aux NRJ... by puremedias

What do you think of the way she handled it, Instincters?


Image Source (H/T:BuzzFeed)



Things happen it's life. I have to say for her to come back and sing live just shows how amazing she is. A true entertainer and someone with emence Love for her work and fans. Well done Katy!!!

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